A Lazy Day & a Shocking Night.

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I have become so lazy and spoilt. I have that infliction where the less i do the more tired i become. I sleep deep and long but wake up tired. Joe said that when he came down to turn the light off; he found me sitting up in my bed, eyes open and a big smile on my face. Apparently i started happily chatting to him. I have no recollection of this. Either i was tired beyond being able to retain a memory or i was asleep at the time. Woke up to the rich aroma of egg, bacon & barbecue sauce wraps. Delicious brekkie while overlooking the bay from our outside table on the veranda. Headed down to gorgeous spot called baramundi or something similar. It was a long stretch of beach, so far reaching that all you could see was sand and water. The sand near the seas edge was a compact water darkened colour, giving platform for families to play cricket and football. The sand then became lovely, fine and soft but still flat before it reached the rolling dunes further on. Cars are allowed to drive on the dunes and straight onto the beach, so people just rock up with their beach gear and enjoy a day by the sea. The water was chilly but nice after spending a good chunk of time under the sun falling into the stories of Bill Bryson. From the beach we headed back, stopping off for an iced mocha at a cafe. The afternoon was purely spent reading, eyes become tired from the many pages and drifting into a slumber, coupled with dips into our pool before an early evening munch of nachos and cold straight out the fridge coronas with lime wedges stuck in the necks. From the pool to our table where i sat & drank beer while the barbecue was prepared & served, which included some very tasty lobster. We chilled out with our cousins, sprayed out on the living room floor, chatting about random things while music played in the background. They headed to bed while i lazed out on the floor a little while longer. If i was to name my greatest fear thats rocks me to the core, it would be the idea of death. The thought that after death, there is no afterlife, no spiritual realm. The thought of this often crosses my mind, but the majority of those times i am able to block it out. Escape it through turning my thoughts to something else. But sometimes the thought breaks through this barrier & hits me with the hardest physical sensation that my heart pounds, my head swims and to one extreme, i partially black out. I have had it for perhaps 8 years. It inflicted me once again tonight. I cannot really do anything to cease it apart from fill my head with noise when it occurs. The benefit of it however, is that it often sends me into a blended frenzy of sparked, elevated high emotion. Energy coarses through my body and an insatiable lust for life comes about. It actually is a good way into shocking me to get busy. If i am not being outgoing, unproductive, boring, stupid - i can simple let down my mental barriers and allow the thought to hit me with a brief shock of mental and physical aguish before my mind and body charges up to beyond belief. Now when that occurs somewhere i can't release the energy, and i have to retain it, like on an airplane, ooh it is tough. Tonight i cracked on the music, an infusion of hip-hop & rock and screamed silently into the night.
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Port Stephens
photo by: Martin_Austria