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Woke insanely late, 1.15pm. A proper resting of 10hours. The sky was dark and the rain heavy. It continued for the entire day. Really doing justice to the name Rainforest. Borrowed some headphones and had 30minutes of absolute bliss after two weeks without my music. Chilled out and played the memory game...where yuo say " I went to the shop and bought.." go around in a circle each adding a new item until you go through the entire alphabet. I struggled at times especially with Queen lateef's nipple tassels and Octangonal Carpet Boxes but eventually i won after having passed through the alphabet and moved onto numbers. Strangely three of the group were on their third bottle of whiskey by 4.00pm. The drugie had hired a bloke to drive him to a pharmacy where he tried to get Valium but luckily that failed although he brought back an array of drugs which he was mixing to increase the strength. Had a mentally spicy Yellow Soup which ruined my stomach and had me in the bathroom the entire night. We found the lyrics and mp3 stream for the song "when you say nothing at all" by Ronan Keating for Prasit (our Thai tour guide) who after we left to our room we could hear playing over and over again. I showed him how to use email and he saw youtube for the first time. So an incredible lazy half day which ended with me being ill. Part of the group had ventured to the lake in the torrential rain on a trip that cost 14pounds. This had deterred me, but i regretted not giving it a go once they got back as they all said how amazing it was. I have learnt from that though, I will ensure that I don't pass up on an opportunity and just risk the money as I don't want to have any regrets in my travels.
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Koh Sok
photo by: CynthiaCoeymans