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I had such a good nights sleep that i woke up tired. I lazed in bed listening to my iPod before dragging myself up and to the kitchen. The family were just finished their breakfast at 9.45 & i was the first one up out of all the guests. The breakfast was awesome. A big pot of steaming hot coffee waited for me, Christoph (the French dude) poured me a big cup while I popped in some wholemeal bread into the toaster. I had a crazy 12 pieces. They had peanut butter (two mornings in a row now!) along with strawberry, plum, raspberry and blackberry jam! and an interesting & tasty coconut spread. Along with this, delicious veggie samosa type things and bananas. So banana sandwiches were on. A lot of food and three cups of coffee later I was satisfied. Chilled out until 2.00pm, reading Tintin and milking the internet. The American guys were also off to Singapore so we decided to carry on our travels together. We got on really well seeing as they were just so chilled out, happy people who were keen on exploring the places they visited and experiencing the local authentic stuff. Charles is a pilot and Natalia is fresh out of college. They live in Santa Barbara, California. We said our goodbyes to the family and headed off in the rain to the bus-stop where we waited for a while under the cover of a quiet praying center. Scrambled around at the bus station trying to find an ATM which let me withdraw cash before finding one and buying a bus ticket (22r) to Singapore. I loaded myself up with chocolate bread and cream-os (the 7/11 identical version of Oreos) before we got on the bus. Before that i bumped into the Nigerian bloke i met on the bus to Melaka. He was a strange man. He would start the conversation like "Hey man, what's going on" then you would reply, and initiate a conversation asking a question or something but he just ends it with a one word reply like "Okay", not allowing for any talk. Weird. The bus drove through the rain for three hours before we went through the Malaysian check-out. I munched on my Cream-o's before we had to hop off again to go through the Singapore check-in. Filling out our arrival card, you greeted with the red lettering stating that Death comes to those who bring in any drugs. We went through the passport check, passing signs reminding you that no camera or video recording devices are allowed at all. The guy checking my passport and arrival form, looked through everything with scrutiny, asking me questions about previous countries i have visited and where i would be staying & heading after my visit to Singapore. Finally he let me through and after having everything on me scanned through the security system, i was free to go. Annoyingly the bloody bus driver went off with out us, saying that he couldn't wait for us as he had a schedule to keep. Bollocks, like he doesn't encounter this problem often-it's not our bloody fault that the ques are so long and the security so tight. They even took my unfinished Cream-o's, the bastards! But we were shown to another bus which took us into the City, but to a completely different spot than we wanted to initially go. However it turned out well, we met and chatted to a local who happily informed us of places to stay, where to find an ATM and recommendations of food. After withdrawing some cash and passing the "Gay Hotel" (the literal dictionary translation didn't work in their favor here) we sat down at the restaurant the helpful bloke was eating dinner with his family. The restaurant, like last night, was packed and luckily we got a spot quickly. It was similar to last nights restaurant style but the pot had two sections where we chose to have a spicy and a mild soup. It cost $13.50 Singapore Dollar, so about 6pound for a buffet and the selection was huge. There was the seafood section filled with expensive prawns, shrimps, fish, and other stuff. The cooked meat section of cold sliced meats, fried chicken, sausage and other stuff. The vegetable section. The Fruit Section. And then two separate seafood and meat kitchens. You can just pop in and ask for whatever. You ask for mutton, beef, chicken or pork and receive a plate piled high with pieces of perfectly sliced meat. You ask for crab and then take a crab, chop it straight through the middle and put it on the plate. You take the stuff you picked and cook &/or flavor it in the boiling soup, spooning it out when ready. If you want some soup, you just dip your small bowl into the boiling pot and scoop out the mix. By the end, the soup has taken some crazy flavor from the mental mix of all the different foods having been cooked in it. It really was insanely delicious and a totally new culinary experience. It was a complete feast, we ate until we could no more. The table was littered with the peelings of prawns, small clam shells, chicken bones and other rubbish. Sauce splattered the table and our shirts. Steam rose from the boiling soup, the spicy sauces lightly burnt our tongues and covered our foreheads with a film of sweat while with glugged on mugs of beer with floating ice cubes bumping and cooling our lips, some slipping and smashing to the floor, unnoticed. We paid and then crashed into the citybackpackers hostel, grabbing a dorm for the crazy price of $20SD (back to expensive ways). I went for a walk to a 7/11, craving Oreo's even after such a ridiculous meal. I decided against it however after seeing the price tag of $2.10 SD. Four times the price of back in Malaysia. An apple juice sufficed and i stumbled back, took advantage of the one-for-one book exchange picking up a Wilbur Smith novel, had a long hot shower-finding some conditioner to sort my matted hair out, and after flooding the bathroom I finally hit the sack and slept to my hearts content, with no time constraint to taint it.
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