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Slept till 10.00am. The room had no windows, so the room was constantly in darkness. Seeing as i don't have a way of telling the time, i figured i would just sleep until i could no more. I swapped contact info with the Americans as they left to explore Singapore and check into their lavish hotel they were splashing out on seeing as it was their last night before heading home. Checked the internet and was happy to see the Springboks are back to their winning ways. Hopped on the monorail opposite the hostel, paying the $1.60 SGD to go straight to the airport with only one swap at the interchange. Like KL, Singapore's transport is brilliant-actually it's better. Everything is super efficient, clean and clear - you would have to be an idiot to miss your stop. Instead the monorail, a electronic board shows the route with the upcoming stations lit up in green and the next station flashing in red. A sign signals to what side the doors will open and announcements are in perfect clear English and various other languages state what the board tells you. Singapore residents obviously enjoy high living standards and kids ride the monorail playing on their expensive portable game-stations, talking on their blackberrys and listening to their iPods. Signs offer quotes and moral advice. "Value life. Act responsibly" is one of the signs on the platform. When withdrawing money from an ATM, the same happens with a daily piece of advice being displayed as you wait for your cash. The monorail is fast and efficient and arrives literally in the airport. The airport is big, clean and feels safe. Guards stand at various spots throughout each terminal, dressed all in black and carrying large heavy guns. I take the inter-terminal automatic computer controlled skytrain to terminal 1 and have the option of early-check in which i take, releaving me of my heavy backpack. No Ques and i am quickly through. I quickly go in the departure area, displaying my passport and boarding pass before being ushered on. I wonder about the fancy terminal before sitting down and getting my feet and lower legs massaged by a free reflexology chair which feels like magic. Small buttons allow you to increase the speed and change the mode. I then walk on, pass an outdoor heated swimming pool with a jacuzzi next to it. Past the transit hotel and into the entertainment section where you can watch movies in the theater, chill in lounges listening to perfect lounge music which crisply exits speakers that are built into your chair. There is a separate MTV video/music station along with gaming rooms where you can play Fifa and various other games on PC and Xbox. I take advantage of a free 10 minute neck and shoulder massage. I drew myself away from all the incredible extras & headed on to my gate to catch my flight to Darwin. I bought myself two entire packets of Oreo's. Man i love these things. I munched on them & drank orange juice until the gate opened. Sunk into my chair and got comfortable. All the meals & entertainment equipment were optional and had to paid for but surprisingly my ticket included all of this stuff. So i settled down to a beef stew with rice, bread, coke and a kitkat! while i listening to soft Jazz vibes. Unfortunately sleep didn't find me.

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