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Awoke before sunrise. The added bonus with staying on this beach. Cloudy but that made the sunrise even prettier. The beach was full of crabs scutterling about and a dog which hung about by my side for a while. After the sunrose I slept for another 3+ hours. It was only a thin mat and pillow but i slept so good. Better than in the 300baht room, & this was 150baht...on an empty beach seeing the sunrise with no none around but us. Chilled out back at the fancy room, watched the currie cup semi-finals! Brilliant. Western Province so nearly through to the finals. Bloody Morne Steyn ruining it for us. Missioned it up many steps and paths to viewpoint which is high up on the hill. The whole way up development was going on. It was pretty knackering but the split shins were worth it. Wicked view of the strip of land connecting the two islands and i made it for sunset. Chilled out with an iced tea. Stunning French girl infront of me. But a lesbian. What a waste. Getting jealous of a bird of prey soaring over the island. Imagining what it was like before tourism hit the island. Must of been incredible sitting up high seeing nothing but jungle and virtually untouched beaches. Relaxed out at a nice spot called sunflower bar, away from the hustle and bustle of the centre and by the water.
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