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I thought the weather was bearable. But then the sun came out. Blue skies greeted us on our last day in Bangkok. We decided to wonder so walked to the river, ignoring a man who tried to bullshit us and point us in the opposite direction. We got to the biggest bridge which crosses the river. It is awesome underneath with kids playing football, skateboarding, groups doing some kind of co-ordinated dance, other people sleeping, eating. Everyone is just chilled out enjoying their Sunday. Crossed the bridge & went to the river edge where we met a group of young kids jumping & swimming in the water. Mentally cute. The two girls were chewing bubble-gum, giggling and chatting away to me in Thai. One of the boys kept putting his hand out to me and saying "money,,10baht" the others just ran about having so much fun. The one boy had found a couple of turtles & had them hung around his neck on a piece of string. The kids kept grabbing my arms, pulling my sleeve up, getting me to tense my biceps so that they could feel them. Was so funny. We went into a proper local shop which was also the family's house & bought a water from a smiling old lady. Walked past this high building where a guy was scalling up the wall on this pully system with rope tied to a bit of wood, so that he could repair part of the wall. Crazy. Talked to two local police men. Interesting - found out he likes Brazilian women. Caught the boat. By the port, the river was densely packed with fish. There were stalls where you could buy bags of bread to throw to the fish which made them go manic. Locals threw their nets in and caught huge quantities of fish which they then sell on the side fresh. A women threw a whole loaf in which dissapeared in seconds. Crazy. Visited an amazing old temple which you had to climb really steep stairs because apprently temples don't have lifts. Cor. Taxi back. Train station. Best and cheapest meal eat. Beef noodle soup for 35baht. Had what seemed like a testicle in, still have no clue. Tasted good though. There were loads of mixers you could put on, didn't know what was what exactly so just chucked a whole load on. Worked out well. Bought a dunkin donut! Out of city, really poor areas then a pristine golf course! Major contrasts. Tour leader called Sit. Wikidly friendy bloke with an amazing laught and smile. Elliot considering going home in a week, but then suddenly his mind changed after a chat to family. Train really nice. Lady kept walking down every couple minutes going "coffeeeeee,teeeee" over and over. I love sleeper trains. Fell asleep EAZZZy. Don't know what the problem is.

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photo by: Deats