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Woke early and took a taxi to the public bus station. 4 hours of waiting until the bus to Chiang Kong left so sat down for breakfast. Elliot was presented with one of the worst meals I have seen in my life, truthfully. He asked for seasoned pork and sticky rice. The rice was so insanely sticky it couldn't be seperated and the pork wasn't much like pork. A Thai dude ordered the same and it was weird to see him praying before he ate the food (if you can call it that). Surely he isn't being thankful for the food. I had the feeling he was praying that the stuff didn't kill him. I had an immense power snooze & then decided to go for my first Thai full body massage. It was an interesting experience. I was presented with a lady-boy which was very much more boy than lady. Elliot was having none of that so no massage for him. I went ahead with it. Had to put on these ridiculous trousers and she/he (or "it" as elliot says) cut straight to business and dug her/his fingers into my legs. I was kinda nervous while she was on the legs. Especially the upper thigh area. I was ready to back hand her and run for it but it was fine. She forced me into some crazy stretches and nearly put me to sleep when she focused on the feet. Only bad thing was she did this weird ear pressure thing and i felt my right eardrum pop. We jumped on the bus, in which we were the only "fareng". Packed with locals. There were many stops. Weird violent Thai movies playing. We passed through beautiful scenery, quaint villages and green hills while the sun was setting in a clear sky. Arrived in Chiang Kong at night. Luckily we didn't need to sweat for accomodation. A Thai lady at the stop ran a guest house. We jumped in her truck & she drove us to this beautiful spot overlooking the mekong river. Laos was about 400meters in front of us on the other side of the river, it was a near full moon and burning lanterns were floating in the sky over the river. It cost us 2pounds each. As we are by the river, animals were crawling everywhere. Lots of geckos and insects being chased by the house cat. Talked to a nice American man,about 65 years of age. Had been at that guest house for over a year. He retired to Thailand and after being single for most his life, met the Thai woman running the hostel who is now his partner. Told us a funny story of how during the Tsunami in 2004, the villagers on one remote island were saved from death after chasing after their cattle who had run away to the top of the islands hill after sensing the impending disaster. After seeing the wave wash through the destroy their village, they were so happy that they were safe, they had a barbeque. Also shared some wise words of how you can only be prepared for so much in your life and that the unexpected is always around the corner. The best things in life usually are those which are unexpected to us and he said that if you feel that you are missing something in you rlife, not to worry as life always suprises you. Our plans were dramatically changed after hearing about the typhoon and its pathway, in addition to a new offer of joining the group we had just left in the south islands. So Laos is pushed back till later.
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Chiang Khong
photo by: kerryandandrei