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I woke up ill. My mouth and throat was bone dry. My stomach was inflated. The night had been cold. Luckily they supplied me with big thick blankets. The previous nights feast and whiskey had not done me a lot of good. I had bad stomach pains so pleaded them to give me only a little breakfast. But no, they came trotting to the table smiling and presented me with the biggest plate of noodles i have ever faced. It was a mass of vegetables, nuts, fried egg and noodles. Fuck. They served themselves each a small bowl that maybe equaled a tenth of my portion. I struggled but i managed it. And regretted it. I found it hard to walk. So the half-day of trekking was ruled out. Biking instead. Good option. As i said my goodbyes they tried to get me to take a whole load of fruit. I accepted one pear and refused the rest, politely of course. We passed gorgeous scenery once more, crossing through pretty villages and having to navigate around fallen-away roads. Arrived early to the hotel and decided to try some lunch as i had emptied my stomach earlier and things were feeling better. But once again, bad choice. The rest of the afternoon was spent on or near the toilet. My stomach never seemed to empty. I bought a load of rehydration and immodium tablets before having to unfortunately endure a 1hour10minute no stop bus ride down the mountain to the train station. It was hell and for once i wished the bus driver would hit the gas and drive like a maniac, stopping for nothing or noone, blasting the horn, hyped up from some crazy Vietnamese music and local whiskey. But no he was easy going and the horn sounded like a soft musical instrument of some sort. But finally, just before hopping on the train, my stomach was empty. I decided not to eat anything that night whatsoever. I talked to Emily, this Australian chick who was class and wicked to chat to. She was kinda spaced out because of the anti-malarial pills she was taking was given her strange side effects. My only side effect is my dreams. They have become long and vivid. Which is awesome. I am flying every other night. Reality is merging with dream and i am having crazy mind experiences. I slept well, happy that my stomach had settled.
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photo by: Paulovic