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Woke to yet again another beautiful morning. Clear light blue skies, the horizon tinged with mist. The boat made its way to Cat Ba island while we had brekkie. Coffee and condensed milk were on offer so I took advantage of the situation. We got off at the Island's jetty and had a while to wait in the hot sun before our transport arrived to pick us up (a downside to this organized trips). After a scenic drive we walked for an hour through forest up a slope. There were many people doing this walk but it was nice, very pretty and at least a little challenging. People thought me silly to be doing it in my flipflops, but i would have gone bare footed were it not for cuts. The top provided astounding views of the island which was dense with green forest. A old rustry ricky-rackety tower stood on the rock and provided even more stunning views to those who were willing to climb it. Me being scared of heights, didn't enjoy the climb that much especially coupled with the fact there were these huge wasps flying around the structure. But the views were good, i took a few quick snaps and headed back down, as did most. I chatted to an insanely nice couple from Barnsley, Yorkshire as we made our way back down. We checked into our hotel and seeing as i was the odd one out, they provided me with my own room including a double bed, hot bath/shower, TV and aircon. So that was a first. We were provided with an awesome lunch where i caught up with my recent fasting with a huge meal, eating everything anyone else didn't finish. We went back to the jetty and caught a boat to Monkey Island where there were Monkeys. We were told not to go near them as they were rather viscious but did people listen...no. Myself included but i kept my distance. The one chinese women seemed beweildered and shocked that the monkey dared to sneak up behind her and grab her picnic bag, and then continue to munch her chips infront of her. Another monkey started to chase a bloke, its eyes on his coke can. The guy dropped it and the monkey happily drunk the whole thing. Then a chap who was standing too close saw a monkey approach him, he kicked his leg out and raised his voice to shoo the animal away, but then another larger Monkey approached him from behind grabbed his leg with both hands and sunk its teeth into his flesh. Needless to say people scattered after that. The monkeys began to venture up beach, pushing people further away. It was a take-over. Girls ran screaming as monkeys chased them across the sand. The sun was once again setting beautifully as we swam back to the boat and heading back to Cat Ba island. As we reached our hotel by the water, the skyline was at its most beautiful so i just sat and watched as the colours progressively became more intense and darker. The light from the sun hitting the ripples on the calm water of the bay was mesmerizing. It looked like a digital effect of some sort. The evening when i looked it the mirror i realised that travelling has a positive affect physically, not just mentally. Although i have lost weight (which sucks), i have a noticeable difference in appearance (i think). One of the girls on the trip commented on my demenor in a similar way that many have done in England - she said it appeared as if i was on drugs. That i looked in a happy daze, smiling for no particular reason. Had a long shower (for me a rarity) and ate dinner before crashing on my bed and listening to MTV. We headed to a bar where Tiger beer was buy 2 get 1 free so i treated myself and had quite a few. We just chilled and chatted the whole night, able to select the music which was played through the iPod. Finally we headed back and caught some shut-eye before the new day.
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Halong Bay
photo by: miggitymax