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Elz woke me up with Kangaroo Steak in his hand, so we had fried Kangaroo strips with BBQ sauce for brekkie. Nice. Grabbed our luggage and checked out, hopping on the shuttle to the Ghan. The train was pretty cool with a real old look to it. We jumped on our AC carriage and settled into our comfy seats. Made mates with a 20year old Aussie bloke called Aaron. From Adelaide, living in Alice Springs but coming from Darwin after visiting his kid who had just turned 1. Works for Aussie Adventures so basically gets paid to go camping. Not a bad job. A lady showed, welcoming us and trying to give us some info about the journey but she was funnily & constantly interrupted by the train's captain making various announcements. When she had managed to get it all out, we were on our way. The scenery became more bare as we left the City. I had a pie at the cafe behind our carriage and me & Elz bought a Snickers & Mars, racing to see how quickly we could consume it with the theory that eating it very quickly would fill us up. Strangely it didn't work and i was still aching for food. We arrived in Katherine where we had 4 hours to kill. It was roasting. That cowboy/ranger type hat i bought in Malaysia came in real useful. Aaron was short of change so stayed at the station while we paid the A$13 for the shuttle service into town. The number & concentration of Aboriginals had risen a fair bit & i expected it would be even more so Alice Springs. The town wasn't exactly lovely. So Elz splashed out on a hat like mine before we hurried under the sun towards the supermarket, but diverted towards a Tropical Beer Garden for a cold one which set us back A$5.50 each but was oh so worth it. Other than us, a group of Aboriginals sat at a table, spending all their money on drink while three old Aussies (one was called "Croc") with dirty hair, boots, ripped clothes, sun hardened faces and cigarettes hanging from their lips, enjoyed a beer. We carried on to the supermarket where we loaded up on food; buying Oreos, cookies, a loaf of bread, juice and white chocolate magnums. Thinking back i have no clue why i bought so many cookies/oreos. Elz got himself chips, jam roll, biscuits and a big bottle of coke. So needless to say we didn't go for the healthy option. We ate our four magnums in minutes, racing the heat as it broke the chocolate covering and melted the ice cream. The shuttle bus back first dropped us off at this small nature spot by the river where Kangaroo's skipped about under huge expansive trees which hung over spring water lagoons. The sun began to dip. We made our way back to the train where we continued our journey south. We began our unhealthy dinner of crisp & oreo sandwiches along with juice & coke. Night fell and we quickly grew tired,. We listened to music and had a great time doing random & silly things before falling asleep. The chair didn't suit Elliot's comfort level so he squeezed into the foot space between our chair and those in front of us, using the floor as a mattress and jumper as a pillow. I curled up like a cat over our two seats and fell into an uneven sleep which seemed to stretch for ages as the change over from dream and reality lengthened time.
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photo by: Morle