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Jumped on the train to a station near Jess' apartment. Accidently deleted all my phones text drafts, loosing all my poems i have written in the last month! Damn. Pissed off but then Jess picked me up in her new car and we cruised to her parents spot in the woods an hour out of the city, bumping Dizzee Rascal tunes and chatting away. Chilled watching the cricket with a cracking homemade toasted sandwich and played with her propa cute and friendly dogs which would not chew but steal your shoe. Just grab and dash. Jess' friend was having some type of music event at his house so we cruised over for a bit. It was class, the sun shining and a bbq going on in the backyard with a set-up on a truck where a mix of guys got up to play the guitar and sing. Some good stuff. The one bloke was cool and his songs were all atmospheric and had feeling to them, the other dude whose house it was was very much a romantic and it was all lovey-dovey. It was pretty sweet just sitting on the grass, eating food, sipping on a beer with chilled people and listening to the music. Although very weird considering that i don't know any of these people & will likely never see them beyond this meeting, but also very nice that they welcome me in, providing me with food and beer without a question asked. Had a milkshake at a cafe before heading to see Avatar in 3D (both kindly bought for me by Jess' parents-i continued to be spoilt) It was insane. 3D is incredible and visually the movie was mint. Stepped out in the late evening sunshine with that cinema feeling. Had a nice dinner with Jess and her family before drinking coffee and helping them dress their christmas tree. Then spent a lazy drive back to the city listening to music and chatting with Jess, which is always nice. Like with Hayley, i find it easy to talk to her and silences don't feel uncomfortable. Finished the night with the movie: Bourne Identity and fell asleep half way through.
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photo by: jendara