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Early swim in the sea and breakfast on the beach. Jumped on a boat for a day of snorkeling around the island. Visited an incredible beautiful island off the island. Climbed the hill up these cool wooden steps and then clambered up some rocks. I ventured a bit higher and wanted to go higher but that route entailed a leap which is wrongly preformed meant possible death so I skipped it which was probably the right option. Elliot became really burnt, I was dandy except for a single triangle on my back which i missed when applying the sunblock. Many businesses here have some weird names which surely don't do them any favors. Our spot is called Prick-Tai Resort and a bar on the mountain is called Ok View Bar.Incredible sunset over the sea, eating a barracuda, squid & prawn BBQ outside on a wooden deck on the beach. Tried my first bucket - buy one get one free. Tootie Fruitie. Good stuff but it's a lot & you can hardly taste the alcohol. There are quite a few lady-boys about at night promoting their Cabaret Show, so we gave it a go and it was such a laugh. Awesome music which everyone knows, it was a lot of fun. There was this one heavy-set chinese looking lady-boy who was really giving it all she's got & had a constant smile etched across her face. You could tell she was proper enjoying herself. Their were some really manly looking lady-boys but one who was fairly petite looked so much like a girl you could not pick out a charateristic which said otherwise. Although without clothes and make-up perhaps you could. There was this other lady-boy called Big-Mama who was exactly that. Another came out topless, and well had obviously fake, but never the less a cracking pair. Although everytime she displayed them, a young boy in the audience looked rather upset. I expect those images won't leave him anytime soon. On the other hand, a young girl of about 6-7 years was loving every moment and was giggling all the way through. Stuart got pulled up at the end, was dressed as a lady-boy and was made to do the YMCA. He is so witty it's ridiculous. He was randomly asked how he found the show, & straight away he came out with "i thought it felt rather much like having a leather shammy rubbed against your testicals, but you wouldn't know anything about that would you" Bought a banana and peanut butter crepe because i just had to. The guy making the crepe had crazy skills, he knows how to make a crepe. Met this spanish chick who ordered a tuna, onion and chilli sauce crepe. Nutter. I met her later at the bar/club where she was drinking a bucket which purely consisted of vodka and soda water. Nutter. Saw some of the lady-boys out at the bar/club, you really gotta look close at some because you wouldn't be able to notice with a glance in the dark. Beers flowed and we danced to wicked music on a raised wooden platform on the beach. Got to my bungalow at 4am and fell asleep midway through writing my blog for the day.
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Koh Tao
photo by: RyanCorrea