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A lazy morning and lunch where me and Hayley just sat and chatted. First time i have actually properly talked to her and it is so easy to do so. Utterly at ease with those comfortable silences which i think seem to signify a good friendship. I like that. Where you don't have to fill the silence with unnecessary talk. I packed up my gear and we walked down into the City, checking the bus time to the airport before heading to a Belgian pub i spotted earlier in my stay. Expensive but some damn good beer as you can expect with Belgium. In the past if you wanted to order a beer you had to exchange a shoe for the glass as a kind of deposit so that they could ensure its return. We carried on chatting for an hour and i recognised many similarities in our dispositions. It kind of sucks that i have to go because we seem to gel well and Flynn is such a cool chap. Pitty i couldn't say goodbye to him. That's one of the great but frustrating things with staying in a spot rather than soon moving on. You meet fantastic people that you strike up a friendship with but then you have to leave and often it is that the next time (if there is any) you see them a lot of time has passed and things have changed. But...fortunately in this case i am likely to see them in the near future so that's all cool. A big hug and I'm off on the bus to the airport. Quick chat to a bloke from Hawaii and we share stories about travelling while we wait. I am asked to not take any pictures of the plane. It ain't like i'm a spy of anything. It's a cheap airline and this seems to be reflected in the staff. My stewardess is so dopey i want to slap her. I take my phone out to switch it off, and as i do so she says in the most flat fucking regulated voice possible "Sir, if you could turn your phone off thankyou that would be much appreciated. thankyou" then turns away to the next bloke turning his phone off and repeats precisely the same thing, and again and again. Bloody woman. She returned later to piss me off some more. I was sitting in a exit seat so it is mandatory for her to tell us the necessary procedures in case of an emergency. Her voice never changes and at the end of her instructions she asks "Do you understand?" and i nod. She says "Sir, i need you to give a verbal recognition of what i have just said, thankyou." i don't know why she keeps saying thankyou. I reply "Oh, Okay, sorry" And she just stares at me. So i say "yes" which isn't apparently good enough now so i have to say out "yes i understand what is required of me". Jeees. Then some bloke behind me gets annoyed that there isn't a TV nor a meal being served. It is explained to him that because it is a BUDGET airline, those things are included so that it can be called a BUDGET airline. This explanation was too much for him to grasp and he became all flustered about his huge problem. Luckily i was on the right side of the aircraft for the sunset which turned the skyline a brilliant blood red colour. I drifted in and out of sleep before landing in Melbourne at 1.30am. I waited and caught the shuttle into the City, before walking to the hotel (LUXURY) where my family was staying. Before getting there i stopped by the 7/11, the only place open at this time and bought my self a Snickers and a carton of cold fresh whole milk. Nice. My mum was needlessly worrying as all mothers do that i was walking the streets at dark. The streets were empty apart from night cleaners and the odd car. It was very nice and strange. The bed felt good.
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photo by: cimtech