Deserted Beach.

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Museli, yoghurt and fruit for breakfast. Walked along the main beach. A mere 200metres and you reach deserted stretches that are quiet and void of cocky topless dudes vying for attention. Taking the shortcuts, reached the beach in about 40minutes at a slow pace.Oat the owner is so friendly. Set up our tents, chilled on the beach taking it in and reading my book. Quick walk to another beach to watch the sunset and eat dinner by the beach as it grew dark. Walked back in the pitch black using torch light.Chatted. Oat asked us if we wanted to smoke weed with them, which we were refused but I was intrigued to know where they got it from because i thought drugs were dangerous to have in Thailand although I have often caught the smell of weed while being on the islands. It is expensive for them, they get it from Northern Thailand and it wasn't very strong. They say that weed is no problem but hard drugs are big problem. I found out that Oat owned that stretch of beach which his uncle bought for him. He moved there 5 months ago and likes it very much. It's a pretty cushty job he runs. Sell some food and drink, rent a few tents. That covers him to live in paradise and buy the odd bit of weed. We spoke to them about "fereng" (foreigners) and what they think of them. He said he doesn't mind them although it depends on the person as obviously you do get some bad eggs. But he has no problem on his beach as the persons who stay in the tents are usually travellers who are more accepting of the country and its differences and not here to get pissed and laid as many times as possible. I asked the one if he likes fereng, he said yes i like fereng women. They both agreed that they like foreign women because they have more freedom while Thai girls are usually a problem. I can see what they mean and it must be nice/weird for them to walk along the beach and see foreign girls happily exposing their bodies and not being as restricted by religion and tradition. I have seen plenty of Thai blokes with a foreign chick attached to their arms. Had to keep part of the tent unzipped so that Lara could see the sky as she is claustrophic and would have an attack otherwise. Funnily Lara blinded herself while spraying mossie repellant on. Used my headtorch to read which is very useful. Props to Gaby. Fell asleep in tent, hearing coconuts fall and thud into the ground, the sounds of the jungle and the lapping water which was metres away.
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