The Delta: Day 2.

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I was up predawn, and walked to the fields where the locals grow vegetables and fruit for the local markets. The sun beautifully rose revealing the watermelon fields and bean groves. Had brekkie and took an early ride back into the town along the river, passing local village schools, markets and homes. What seemed to be a celebration passed us. A marching band and large vehicles covered in flowers made its way slowly down the main road. But after a 2minute stream of music and bright colours, a group of monks dressed in their orange robes followed alongside women dressed purely in white and an open truck containing a coffin revealed itself. So it was the celebration and mourning of someone's death. We took a boat and passed through the floating market, munching on pineapple bought from a passing boat which had every inch of the deck pilling high with the fruit. Young girls smiled and waved happily as we passed, then returned to help their mothers. We visited a spot where they produced rice-paper before heading to another place where they prepared rice. The locals were astounded by the size of the huge Aussie we had with us and got him to stand on the scales which they use to weigh rice. They looked at the weight displayed on the scales, amazed and pointed at his large arms, clearly thinking of what good use he would be at their factory, carrying the heavy bags of rice to the from the machines. We visited a fruit garden and drank banana wine before ending our trip with a boat ride along the river. Back in the City, work was finishing and the roads were packed with motorbikes. The traffic was astounding. i luckily managed to contact Andy and he met me on his brothers motorbike. He drove us to a local restaurant where we had a beef hotpot and a beer, just chatting about England, travelling and life. He teaches english three times a week at a private school and just had came back from a trip to Cambodia. We then headed out through the city streets on his bike. At night the City is incredible. The vibes and feeling is amazing. The lights make everything seem prettier. The city is more western and i spotted Casinos, luxury hotels and a supermarket. We zipped through a market and bought some strange brightly coloured rice that is topped with coconut shreds, coconut creme, sugar and other nice things. We carried on before finding a shake spot where we sat down and had our rice dessert alongside these tasty shakes. The stall is packed full of fruit which they mix fresh with ice, milk etc. I had some crazy fruit which name eludes me, but it was great. This was followed by an amazing iced coffee which is mixed with condensed milk. We had two shakes each, the total coming to 30000d, which is $1.66. It was awesome to see Andy and it was a wicked night. I bought a night ticket to Dalat and talked to mum for 45minutes before jumping on the bus at 11.45pm. The bus driver was a maniac on the horn, blasting it every few seconds or so. And i was sitting right in the front. Every moment i drifted into sleep, i was slammed back out again by the ridicously loud horn. Ear plugs were needed and helped every so slightly.

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Mekong Delta
photo by: borneonikieta