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I strolled into the City with Flynn in the morning to stop for a coffee before he carried on to work. He likes his coffee and picked a sweet spot. So we chatted over iced coffee and whatever he had. Wicked to talk to, well travelled and filled with stories. That's one of the brilliant things about travel. The stories. And usually those who have travelled will appreciate them more. Those who haven't seem to not respond as well, whether it is due to them being out of their depth, feeling jealous or whatever reason. He caught the bus to his work and i took a long walk along the river under the hot sun, stopping to chill in the shade. Relaxed in the park as the sunset before walking in the dark with Hayley to the cinema. Met Tristin and Cammy & watched Paranormal Activity which i thought was really well done but i reckon is one of those movies that will be terrible on DVD. Tristin has a real funny disposition but strangely he likes to spend $300 on bow ties. Cammy is again very pretty with a lush smile. The night was fun. I awoke to hear Hayley screaming due to the cat (who i am convinced is at least partially evil) pushing her door open (although it of course appeared to open itself). I also nearly shit myself when the cat pounced on me to catch a cockroach which was crawling across my bare chest. It succeeded and creeped away with the insect between its teeth. As i fell asleep i could hear it crunching away, eating its midnight treat.
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photo by: cimtech