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Book prices are ludicrous in Australia so i took advantage when i walked upon a second hand book market in the city. Walked to my hostel for the night and grabbed a dorm bed for $24, the last one, and started on my recently purchased books. The first one was called "God explained in a taxi ride", 10 minutes to read but was quality. People make religion so bloody confusing and i get severely pissed off with how much blood is spilt over religion. I also don't quite like the church and the bible for certain reasons & this book was brief, simple but yet made a whole lot of sense in its few words. As evening approached i walked into the city. On the way i passed a huge group of chatting "soccer" fans on their way to the stadium. It took me straight back to England. As they passed a block of apartments they spotted a group of pretty women standing on their balcony, and without hesitation they broke out into a chant much like the English with the sentence "Get your tits out.." Which judging by their roars of approval, she did. I headed to the south bank, next to the river where i paid a fair bit to go up the Eureka building. Apparently it is the highest residential building in the world and contains the fastest lift in the southern hemisphere. In about 38 seconds, the lift climbed 300 meters and the views were top notch. The windows were huge and 360 so you could see in all directions. If you paid extra you could go on "the edge" which is a glass panel that slides out 3 metres. There was also an outdoor section which was incredibly windy but awesome & you could hear the city below. I arrived 30 minutes before sunset and watched as the light falling across the buildings shortened and the colours slowly shifted. I stayed as the day fell into night and the sunlight gave into the city lights. Slowly the transition was made and as the sky grew darker, more lights began to flicker on. Before long Melbourne was ablaze in its night lights, & i sat a good hour just gazing at the sight and watching as cars wound their way through the city.The street performers on the south-bank were seriously cool. i passed under a bridge where a man enthusiastically played a bluesy song on the Saxophone, the music bouncing off the walls and mixing with the patter of footsteps. A silhouette on the bridge stood playing the bagpipes. A man placed the finishing touches on a huge father christmas which had been drawn with chalk on the pavement. An incredible performer grew a large crowd and amazed them with tricks like swallowing a sword while juggling with flaming bantons. He was also incredibly athletic and flexible & demonstrated this by contorting his body in many crazy ways that make most guys wince. he told us how he was a professional street artist and that this was his job but I was still hugely suprised afterwards when onlookers went forward and put $5, $10 and $20 notes into his hat. In that 20minute performance he made at least $150. i then sat by the river and watched a young guy who was sitting on a bench, sing and play the guitar while his girlfriend played the trumpet or violin. He was hugely talented and obviously well liked. There were fancy restaurants opposite and the whole area is rather expensive so performing in such a spot is probably a good idea. It appeared to be as people would request songs to be covered and then drop up to a $50 note in his guitar case! I just sat and watched and counted over $120 in 30 minutes being put in (and that's in notes!). Even some drunken tramps who were staggering past with dirty clothes and a can of cheap beer in their hands stopped and looked with glazed eyes before rummaging deep in their pockets and finding some silvers. I then went for some food and struck up a conversation with a group of 20 year old girls who were out on the town. They would be talking to me and then one would turn to her friends and say "Omg, he is so cute", "Don't you think he is cute?" - WHAT? I can hear you. And don't call me cute. Call me hot. Bloody cute. I got to my dorm at 2am and found a room blown to pieces. Everything was everwhere and the majority of the single beds had two occupants. Guys laying with girls who obviously weren't so bothered with pyjamas and also not too fussed with keeping the grunting and panting down when the lights are out. But don't get me wrong, I wasn't complaining.
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photo by: jendara