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That women woke me up. "Teeeee,Cofeeeee" Damn. But i slept well. Not many people did. Woke up to lots of green. Lovely. Nice to be out of the City. First vehicle i see is a motorbike which has three children & their father on. Anyway I bought a hot chocolate just to shut that lady up. Took these wicked taxi's to out hotel which has a swimming pool and TV. Things are a little too comfortable. Took taxi's up to a temple at the top of a real high hill. Winding roads really fast. Nice. 300 odd steps to the top, decided to run it. Did but killed myself. After all that we got a cloudy & blinding view. But it was cool. I was blessed by a monk. Used a squat toilet & hose - interesting. Walked back down the steps, workers were busy on the side of it. Perhaps an escalator? Fast down the hill. I think i have a problem with moving vehicles. I just fall asleep. We were zooming through streets sitting on the back of this taxi on a bench but still I just fall asleep. Went to Tiger Kingdom, well it's more like a small enclosure so yeah Tiger Enclosure..but i suppose that doesn't sound as impressive. I didn't go for the picture with a Tiger. Yes they were really beautiful but very lethargic & domesticated. I think they are born, bred and die in that place. Funny comment though..."i wonder what the staff turnover is like"

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Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes