Boules & a Picnic.

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Strolled thru town on a lazy exploration, stopping for iced mocha at the harbour and sushi in Northbridge. Spent the late afternoon playing my first games of boules, the rolling kind. A social game where people gather to have drinks and chat over a game. Very nice. Quite tricky but soon enough you get hang of it. One of the oldies, a real pro who referees international games decided to try give my lil sister a lesson...which was interestingly. He seemed to think she was interested in learning how to roll a big ball close to a little ball. But she listened and gave it a go. As did i. Was a lot of fun. Caught the bus and again strolled thru town but as the sun was low and the air held that evening atmosphere. Past the "trendies" who stood at their usual spots, showing off their flair. Headed down past the esplanade and to my favourite stair case where all the pretty girls in lycra and tight tops work up a sweat running up and down. Spent sunset and the night dining on a picnic in Kings Park. We sat on blankets set upon beautifully kept grass that sits high above Perth on a hill, overlooking the City which stood out brightly in the distance with its night lights. The number quickly increasing as the sun dimmed and the sky grew darker. The park was scattered with families, friends and couples all creating and soaking up the atmosphere. It would be a packed yet incredible spot for New Years. It is certainly my favourite place in the City. My energy started to bubble once again and reading Twilight has sparked a desire to attain the fictional traits of a Vampire. Much like my jealousy of birds flight I dream both at night and day of having the speed, strength, agility and immortality of a Vampire. And the ability to dazzle people. But i'm not too fussy. I would take pretty much any of the powers that mythical creatures and those in comic books possess. Perhaps it's also partially a desire to be different. For life to seem more meaningful. And imagine you suddenly encountered a Vampire. It would open up the world. Everything would suddenly seem possibly. The idea of an afterlife, a spiritual realm and the breakdown of limitations, where anything could happen. Anyway. One can hope.
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photo by: cimtech