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Hopped onto a long-tail boat with 14others. Great weather once again. First stop was monkey beach which strangely for some reason all the tour companies stopped at at the same time so it was packed with tourists and travellers. Given this, it still was really good and it held true to its name. Monkeys were everywhere. They were lazing about, jumping from branch to branch and rock to rock and grabbing the offered bananas. One stole a bottle of coke and sat on a rock drinking it happily. They were completely tame and ran about among the people quite easily. We hit another point where we snorkelled and there were a magnitude of different coloured fish, although once again i didn't see a shark even though it was called shark point. Hit an amazing beach on bamboo island where the sand's brightness hurt your eyes and the sea was an incredible shade of blue. We visited maya beach ("The Beach" beach) and it was beautiful. Warm was astounding and the sand pretty perfect. Slowly made our way back to the main island by boat, and drifted for 15minutes watching the sun beautfully set once again but this time it was just open sea. Spectacular as ever. So my western meal tonight was fried chicken and then eating the left over pizza of others. Can't let it go waste. I had the aim of being a proper boyish touristy person for one night. Getting pissed on the beach. Had a chaing beer followed by a henieken. Went to the bar called Slinky's where Stuart bought me a bucket. It had the desired affect. I was purely white rum with coke, but i managed to get some lime off them to provide a better taste. It wasn't the nicest drink and there was a lot of if. But one did the job. And at least i didn't go for the usual street side buckets of a whole bottle of local rice whiskey with coke and a very potent redbull which most avoid. It was buy one bucket get one free so 100baht(2pounds)and i was sorted. Some places offer buy one get two free which is just absurd. And most places advertise a free shot with entry. The shot was terrible. I knew from the beginning it would be. A cheap disgusting vodka that made your insides turn. Amazingly, we bumped into the spanish chick we met on Koh Tao, the crazy one who liked to drink vodka with soda water and eat tuna, onion and chilli pancakes. An incredible fire show was going on, they then set a huge skipping rope alight, a ring of fire was also brought out in addition to fire limbo. The ring of fire was easy and the skipping rope was exciting but i liked the fire limbo best. I found out i am good at it. I didn't think i was a very flexible person but i got the lowest out of all the foreign people and got as low as most of the actual fire dancers. Although i can't light a cigarette on the line of fire while doing it nor balance a bucket on my head while going under. We saw this French dude who we see everywhere and he is always shirtlesss. Granted, he is very well built but he walked nowhere with a top on. He has a really straight posture which pushes out his chest and he is on the island for one thing only. Sex. He is always at the bars and clubs, never leaving the centre of town. You can just see he is a cock. I danced like crazy and just partied on the beach until i woke up flat out on the beach, then again on a bench. Headed back as light began to creep into the sky and drunkely bought a burger which i munched before reaching my room. Elliot was asleep outside the door and i realised i had the key. Whoops. I then woke up again outside the door before waking up again at 11ish in my bed.
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