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My stomach was in a bad state so no food for the day. Two friendly Irish guys, one welsh girl, a Canadian chick and a Kiwi were joining me on the speed boat. Once again they were surprised when i told them my age. Most expect that i am 20-22 years old which is strange but maybe it is just due to the expectation that young people who are traveling are generally around that age. One of the Irish guys commented that he had met no-one so far who was on a gap-year and of my age which i realized was true. Luke, the 19years old Londoner is the youngest traveler i have met so far. We went down to the rivers edge where our speedboat lay waiting. It was small. We all joked before hand that it would be funny if that was our boat and it was. Our bags were strapped on, we were given life-jackets and big heavy helmets before squashing into the boat. And man it went fast. It was thrilling (to begin with) and we flashed past the slow boat. The view from our boat surpassed that of the slow boat. We passed rolling ice-cream hills with a white smothering of cloud clinging to the green banks. It was stunning to put it simply. It must sound same-same, me saying the same thing all the time: "it was stunning, it was beautiful, it was insanely picturesque" but it is. When the boat stopped moving the few times it did to refuel, you could feel the strength of the suns rays but once moving the wind blew you cool. We arrived, and simply took a tuktuk - checked out of Laos (paying an "overtime" fee) and took the one-minute boat across to Thailand. Filled out the arrival card, handed over my passport, got my free 15day visa and heading into the centre of Chiang Khong. Withdrew some cash, paying the crazy 3pound withdrawal fee that Thailand enforces. Bought a 12baht fanta can to break up the money and hopped on the first bus to Chiang Rai with the same guys. The 3hour drive was chilled, i chatted to the Kiwi and drank the sugary drinks i bought at each stop to fill me with energy (as i was eating nothing). I arrived in Chiang Rai at 4.30pm. Bought the 5pm ticket to Bangkok and hopped on. It was nice. VIP with the locals. Air con and reclining seats. Blankets, free water, orange juice and coke. They even gave me a chocolate waffle biscuity thing which was tempting but i stuck fast to my day policy of no food. The Thai TV came on, but FORTUNATELY is only played for one hour. I had a window seat and the windows were big. I saw the sunset behind the hills where the clouds either side of the flat tops resembled a fluffy half-pipe. I could stare at the starry sky while i nodded off to sleep. 
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Chiang Khong
photo by: kerryandandrei