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Even though it was only a rug, I slept incredible well and awoke to a western comfort brekkie of local scrambled eggs on toast. Ellzy has reached his third final decision which is to fly to and give Sydney ago, see if that floats his boat and if not return to England. We jumped on our bamboo rafts which had to be adjusted by adding additional bamboo sticks to increase its float. We had two of the locals, sammi and nerat on our raft. Nerat, like the previous night was so ridicously happy floating down the river on a bits of wood. The scenery was pretty incredible and we floated past elephants bathing in the river and eating bamboo. It was very tranquil and the sounds of the forest are amazing. Nerat pointed out an insanely tall tree which had a bee hive at the top and a makeshift ladder of hardened wooden sticks hit into the trunk so that the locals can climb to reach the honey. One fall and you would be a goner. There was also this crazy sound which was a bit like a circular saw but in actuality was made by a relatively small beetle. During the rafting there were long stretches of the river where I could just jump into the water and float with current which was awesome. The first hour and a bit was peaceful but the seconnd half saw some small rapids which i thought were still fairly tame although the girls on my raft thought otherwise. I did stack it once however which sent Nerat into hysterics. Stopped off at a restaurant and had incredible lunch of Pad Thai and I tried a frog curry. The german girl in our group had seen that the frogs were chucked onto the grill still partially alive. It tasted good but there is so little meat it's hardly worth it. We were hounded by a group of old local women with strange red & black teeth who were trying to sell braclets, bags and so on. The older women, Alison, in our group cannot resist the temptation of buying little things like that and ended up buying 4 or 5 items even though she was adament before that she would not be interested. We took a very bumpy truck ride, bumping into elephants on the way and going past beautiful scenery. I somehow managed to fall asleep, my body was nice and tired & i was so relaxed. We stopped for drinks and an ice-cream & i just snoozed in the truck. Seriously I love snoozing, i think it's better than actual sleep. When back at our hotel, I gave myself a proper clean. I ain't the type to spend long in the bathroom but I really went for it. Dressed up all nice and went out for dinner at this lovely riverside restaurant. Wanted to order deep-fried sour pork ribs (a northern Thailand speciality) but the waiter said no. apprently it would ruin my stomach. So i went for the burmese style pork curry which was so nice. After the three days of trekking most people wanted comfort food so there were a lot of pizzas and spagetti being ordered. I splurged with this meal but the total still only came to 300baht/6pounds. Elliot's final final final decision is to come with me to Laos, see if he likes it there, if so continue with me and if not head to Sydney. We went to the night bazaar afterwards which was fun but i didn't buy anything. Everyone has a "special price"...they think the words "40% off for you" will entice you but no, it doesn't. I decided I had to try a banana pancake, it had to be done even though it is synonymous with the word tourist.
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Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes