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Got off near Ko San Road. Patchy sleep but feeling awake. Had no clue where i was so paid 100baht to get to Ko San because i couldn't find a metered taxi. 50baht too much but i got there. 5.30ish. Put my bag down & walked and talked with this drunk english dude, spilling a story of how he went home that night with what he thought were a couple of good looking Thai girls. But they weren't. Drew some money and bought some great Pad Thai with egg for 30baht. Street Vendors and markets are the way to go. In an hour I was approached by 3 different lady-boys offering their services. It was the end of the night, light was beginning to show but some people were still going hard. A plastered dude fell off his chair, breaking his glass and cutting his arm open. And you wouldn't believe who i saw, that bloody shirtless peacock French dude! Shirtless in Ko San at 5.30! Weird to see Ko San relatively quiet. Milking the cheap internet to update things and listen to some new tunes. Waiting for Stu and Lara to arrive. Might head out to Cambodia with Lara tomorrow, might not. Lovely. Such Freedom. But i gotta get out of Thaliand by 22nd as my visa expires. If you fly back into Thailand you get a 30day extension, if you go by land 15 days. I need none. Thailand is nearly done and dusted. Aching to see the temples of Cambodia and find out more about their devasting history. Walking down Ko San Road you see some interesting things. Fake university degrees, passports and driver licences. A man trying to convince to go to the airport repeatedly "you wan go airpor 250baht" yes thankyou for the offer but i don't want the airport. You gotta be skillfull to convince someone to go somewhere they don't even want to go, especially on a tuktuk. Thunderstorm hit, Stuart and Lara arrived from Phuket. More Pad Thai and Egg. The vendors are constantly moving because they aren't actually aloud on the road but they set up there anyway, until the police come and give them a warning/fine or something. Managed to crash down on a thin matress in Lara's and Stuart's AirCon/TV/Hot shower room for 100b. Bargain. Time to go cheap. Wondered for some dinner. Group of young boys breakdancing on a side street next to Ko San, all geared up with baggy t-shirts, fake nike airs and much too large flat caps. But really impressive, wicked to stumble across that. Missed meeting Claire who was in Bangkok for a wedding and annoyingly all the travel agencies were shut by 12am. Had the impression that things would be open all night in Ko San, but NO so i couldn't purchase a ticket to Siem Reap that night. Hit the sack.
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photo by: Deats