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I like this place and want to see a little more so i rented a bicycle. Cycled to the market and bought a cheap baguette filled with chicken for 5000k ($0.50). The stalls are all the same. Women selling precisely the same thing. But it was a pretty cool job for them i expect. They sit there, chatting to their friends, make the odd baguette and shake and just chill. No great demands. I chose to buy from the fattest women with the biggest smile. I guessed she might give the biggest portions. It was more than enough and i washed it down with an Oreo shake which was incredible. I like these Oreo things. Chatted to a friendly French/Spanish couple who gave me a list of recommended spots to hit when i am in South America. They were real friendly and were traveling SE Asia after living in Panana and Buenos Aires for two years in both. They basically take work the French Government offer abroad. Good idea. I scoped out the travel agencies for slow boat prices to Pak Beng, the overnight spot before I would continue to the Thai border. From 175,000 it went down to 100,000. I bought a cushioned seat (the same price as a hard seat). I biked along the river which was beautiful, stopping for cool drinks and to sit by the river. I escaped the midday sun to read and after finishing my book peddled to the bookshop where i swapped two old books for a new thriller. I sat and watched the sun set before cycling through the beautifully lit City. I passed Monks quarters and could hear them chanting. One young novice sat on his own chanting over some scripture which he appeared to be trying to memorize. I admire yet find it strange how they dedicate their life to religion, something which i believe is based much on hope and a cause which cannot be proved. No-one really truly knows what happens when your number is up. It could all be for nothing. But i suppose the life they lead gives them massive comfort. The bike chain slid off and while i fixed it, two young girls ran around me giggling and eager for me to ring the bikes bell, which when i did sent them into hysterics. I walked through the night market once more, i bought two new bands and purchased some sticky rice, pork meatballs and these really delicious and cheap sticky rice/coconut jelly sweets. I sat down on the curb and ate while watching three young Lao girls play hot potato with a bracelet. It was incredible cute and one of the girls who seemed to the boss was very stubborn, always arguing when she dropped the bracelet that it was some elses fault for throwing it too hard. Their younger brother then tried to join in but seeing as he could barely walk he was at a significant disadvantage. The girls took an interest to me and used my position as a kind of barrier during a game of chase, constantly running circles around me. The one girl fell and scrapped her knees, about to burts into tears but i showed her my cuts and scraps which i picked up (although in an entirely different manner in vang vieng) and that somehow caught her interest and she didn't see the need to cry anymore.  I dragged myself from the curb and bought another Oreo shake before heading back. I asked the owner to wake me up at 7.00am, if he understood i didn't know. I crashed into a deep sleep.
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Luang Prabang
photo by: oxangu2