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Brunch on the beach. An hour downpour of rain then sky dotted with clouds and a fierce sun. 4pm headed out walking, purely along the coastline for two hours. Had to climb over lots of rocks and race the falling sun. I was in my element.  The further i went the prettier it became. Secluded beaches, lone fishermen and a fully naked woman trying to get the complete suntan. I was dipping into the water every now and again to cool off then back to following the beach. It became less and less developed and i wanted to encircle the entire island but realised it was impossible in the time i had. I had done just less than a third. Came across a long stretch of beautiful beach with a low locals and travellers on it, but no one else. Palm trees and coconuts and the jungle as a back-drop. Friendly chap called Oat. Rented out 3 tents at 150baht each. Bargain. Headed back but cut off 30minutes through a suggested jungle shortcut. Came across sunburnt football lads having chips and a pint. Lots of good looking people, sunbathing girls, friendly and smiling locals. A local family on a longtail boat asked me to push their boat out into the sea, which i did making them very pleased. Young Thai girls presented me with seashells and walked along side me on the beach. The difference here to the north of Thailand is huge. Topless women scattered the beach. Settled on a beach and the sunset was insane. It set behind the hills and sent an array of crazy colours across the entire sky. They flooded into the bay and across the water producing an atmosphere which made most people stop in their tracks and just gaze out and appreciate what they were seeing. The colours were incredible. Photo-entusiasts were snapping away. I have never seen a sunset like that. I lay in the water, eyes to the sky. It was so spectacular. Words nor pictures can do it justice. Ate and then chilled at a beach bar listening to reggae/african vibes while a small fire burnt on the beach.
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