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Sawasdee krub - hello!
And so it begins...WHOOP.we began our journey to Heathrow at 4.30pm (6 hours before our flight) Too early for most, but not for my mum who being her typical German self had already had worked herself into a sweat worrying about the supposed traffic (there was none) and we arrived at the airport ridiculously early. The car journey was cool but the emotions were building and i distracted myself by trying to make my shiny new phone & camera look old using duct tape which FAILED. I had prepared myself for the goodbyes, so it was all gravy. We checked in, managing to get two seats next to each other so that was lush. Had burger, chips and a pint for a tenner...ha. The realization of being 4 months away from family was getting to Elz & it was the first time i seen him with tears in his eyes.
Things approved once on the plane. It was Elz first long haul flight and Qantas is the nuts. Personal Entertainment System was crazy: movies/tv shows, music...even Mini GOlf. Elz even got to bust some Frank Sinatra so needless to say he was happy. We had a fancy dinner, you know it's fancy when you don't understand the menu. Quinoa salad? No clue. We had banoffee pie for dessert :-) drinks the whole trip. They even gave us a post-dinner bag filled with chocolate, sweets and water. Our flight left 22.15, & 2hours later the sun rose which was weird. Arrived into a wall of humidity, a bit like a sauner without the flavoured steam. Transfer in a air-conditioned car. Learnt a valuable Thai sentence: "ko beer kuad nueng krub" - one beer please.
Went for a ganders around the local area (Silom) Lots of people vying for your attention, trying to make a living. No I don't want a 3000baht tailor made suit! Yes i do want a massage but not from those hands. Oo that looks nice, no my bad it looks shit. You want some change? Unfortuantely i only have 500baht notes, ha! The air is filled with different aroumas, from all the food stalls. Sat down by a stall in an alleway filled with people selling all kinds of food. Was really basic, had a big plate of rice and sweetened fried pork with a coke for 2pounds. But it tasted amazing. Standout moment so far, Just sat, ate and watched people go by on the streets. The fusion of sights and smells is incredible. Very friendly people! Even the food and drink is friendly according to one restaurant. Wandered back & had a chat with a few backpackers. Invited out to "The Londoner", an English pub! But skipped that, want to rise early before the sun. We attempted to play chess, that was never gonna work. We have been here 6 hours and alrready I feel the travel bug inside me. But what in the hell is a ping pong show?
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photo by: Deats