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the cheapest train price i have ever see. only 3.5 yuan and an hour on the train.

you may think i am crazy. the overnight train without aircon. in the hot summer?haha...if you try only once you wil certainly loves it .  in my eyes ,it just like back to the old times.  maybe i like the dark night.when it comes to night on the train,i will choose to sit by the window and open the window. i really enjoy the moment,while the winds  blows on my cheek,watching the mountains pass by,also the different kind of architectures.haha..talking with stranges.  what i love most is the night,when everbody goes to sleep,it is silence,then you're able to  hear the croak of frogs also some other species.the rhythm of the train  sounds  good.what i most like to do is raise my head and look at the stars in the dark sky.only at this time in the countryside,the less polluted places,you can see so many stars. the night is scilence and so peaceful.  you can enjoy all these by the overnight train without aircon.haha  ...

back to the trip i should havet to fact, i first came to jingdezhen, i arrive jingdezhen at 10 a.m,we plan to stay in jingdezhen for the afternoon. jingdezhen is famous for its china. we have ask the local people in the train,they suggest us to go some places .then we first go to the china museum called "longzhuge",it shows the chinaware of ming and qing dynasty. all kinds of chinaware we haven't even seem before.the shapes of chinaware is strange that we can't guess what it is without reading the intruduction.  on the top of longzhuge, ther is a big old bell on the floor,that may mean something.haha , i don't know. then we just go window shopping in the two famous chinaware streets. In the afternoon,we have lunch near the bus station in jingdezhen. i love one dish called: bamboo shoot with meat. very delicious.

then we just choose to go to huangshan by train,which cost only 11yuan,very cheap,takes 5 hours. this the oldest train i have ever sit. haha,the passagers are less than the people working on the only got some electric fans,and sometimes they will stop working.what a tough train trip. physical tough.  at night we finally arrive huangshan.a good places we're dreamsing to come.

We moved to the old street youth hotel,which located near the downtown. People there are very kind and friendly.  After we put out laggages in the hotel,we can’t wait to taste the snacks of huangshan. Disches here is nice and different from fujian .the noodles has specious good taste,It is hard to say the real tast,just delicous.afer dinner,we just walk down the street,life is so easy,haha.. everywhere is new to me .people ,snacks,streets,but I am familiar with the clothes in the downtown.they are just the same brands in xiamen’s centre. Huangshan is really a famouse place,you can see many foreigners everwhere,more than other places in china,except shanghai beijing ,the big cities.when it’s late,we went to the hotel  to plan for tomorrow’s travel things.what we have in mind is going to hong countryside.i only know it is a tradition country,nothing else.haha…but Iafter I got there,I will learn more about it. Another important thing to do is to see the eclipsethat’s one of the most important reason why I visit this site, more cacurate,is in hong country ,one of the best  places to see the eclipse.haha,so we need to get up early to hong country tomorrow morning to watch the eclipse very in the everning,we asked some information about how to go to hong country.acturlly,the eclipse will start in 8:25am. It will takes us an hours to go to hong we have to get up early.unfortunaly,we gets up late.about8am we leave the hotel to have breakfast. Maybe not going to hong country is another good choice,because we get the chance to eat some jianbao.maybe because I lkes meat,I love the taste of jianbao.then we decide to find a good place to watch the eclipse .walke down the road,we can see people raise their head,looking towards the sun through  goggles. Of course we got one in my lucky last night,we bought the last two goggles. Luckily,we found an lake,so we decide to stay there to watch the important things happen. Eclipse seems to be the most biggest thing,lots of people with theit goggles waiting for the important moment coming. It is amazing,the sky become more and more dark,just like sunset sky,unbelievale,It’s still 10 am!after a long time waiting,it just happens,the sun was eaten.everybody seems so beautiful.then we just watch the sun back to what it is before.of course,we should  go to the hong country.

Hong country is more beautiful than I thought. It’s said the “crouching tiger  hidden dragon "was made in this place.everywhere is  art . I love that feel with the mountain,lake,bridge,and women wash their clthes by the lake. Just like the picture described by the ancient poet. Its architecture is special hui style.the most special thing is its lake I think.the water floor throug everbody’s home,so they can get water before their house.before 8am.everybody use the water to wash faces,and vegetables and some other things need clean water.afer 8 am,people use the water at will,wash clothes or anything else. We visit some businessman’s house,because they’re rich at that time,they got more money to decorate their houses.everything in there house has it’s special meannings.for example:the put a mirrow and an vase in desk in hall.that means there will not be too many troubles all their life.because of the chinese names of the two stuffs makes it “pin an”. You ‘re able to see the window was carved.a picture means a lot or comes from a story .

Surprised we found an post office so we send postcard to our parents.haha…maybe we make a good choice,because in the afternoon,hong country has less visiters than that in the morning.because many people come here to watch eclipse even the CCTV.people just like flood into hong country,it’s said evrywhere is crowded. I prefer less people. Maybe you miss something,but you gain something more nice.haha..maybe a lucky day.then we got on the last bus back to huangshan.

Huangshan ,I am back.of course snacks first.we finally find the street filled with the local snacks .haha....only you have tried,did you know how delicious these snacks are.

Then we go shopping and prepare for tomorrow’s food.because we decide to climb huangshan.the most important activity.  We need lots of water and food,because things on the mountain is more than 10 multiple as usual. Also we book the hotel on the mountain and the bus to huangshan.and plan for tomorrow’s climbing line.then we have to go to bed early to get more energy for tomorrw’s activity. We got up at 5:30am.and hurry to catch up the bus.oh  the pity is I eat sanwitch instead of the delicious jianbao.lots of people got up early as we’s nothing first we want to get to the top of the mountain by ropeway.what surprise us is too many people are waiting there,just like thounds metres .long wait lines and 10 people wide.maybe it need an hour to get on the ropeway.then we decide to climb the mountain on foot.that maybe the bigest takes us 3 hours to get to the top of the mountain,which only takes 15minutes by ropeway.we’re run out .what we can do is to drop things in the hotel and takes a nap in the hotel and have lunch.about 2pm,we seems can keep moving on.we decide to go to the big canyon which said 5  hours is OK to walk through the big canyon. Beatufil scenery is just by my side.huangshan is so tall,that you’re able to see all the other mountains,likes the poety written by dufu.  An funny phenomenon,people who climb huangshan mountain love to share the poem which written by famous ancient poet with others .maybe the artistic conception made them did so. Huangshan is grandiose,every aspect of it. We didn’t finished the big canyon line.because it’s too late,we don’t even got a we chose to walk back maybe to watch the sunset. For we’re too tired after the long exercise,we don’t have the energy to go to guangmingding to watch the sunset,we chose to go back to hotel,watching tv ,take a bath to relax ourselves.

The most unexcepted thing just happen next morning--------it’s rainning outside. I hate this,rain just wash away my plan.we can’t watch the sunrise. We want to do is to go down as fast as we can. One of the most important reason is my shoes are all wet. It’s not easy  to go down  towards the bottom of mountain.we choise to go back by ropeway. But the rainny huangshan mountain has got another scenery though you can’t see other mountains because of heavy fog.just feel like you’re in wonderland, the foggy makes things mysterious. But rain don’t have affect on visitors.still large numbers climb toward the top of’s a long story,we finally went back to hotel.

It’s time we have to say goodbye to huangshan.we do the last thing is eat as much snacks as we can.but god just plays a jok on me . I don’t feel like eating anymore after lunch. I just makes a big fault.we  went back home by train with aircondition,but I don’t like this way.

 For all I love this trip.i love that kind way of travel,you don’t need to care too much about where to go tomorrow,you can move to anywhere you like.they seems the same,so mystic,new,you don’t know it,but you will get to know it.


jingni says:
many thanks(^-^) sorry for some spelling mistakes.
i am suprised that i have written so many words.
but really happy ~-~
Posted on: Sep 22, 2009
Vivi-vivi says:
Wait to see your photos of the trip, Jingni. Good job! Keep rolling on! ;)
Posted on: Sep 22, 2009
Vivi-vivi says:
Ha ha..Nice story, Jingni. I was happy while reading it and felt your character all along. ;)
Posted on: Sep 21, 2009
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the cheapest train price i have ev…
the cheapest train price i have e…
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