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- You can strike up a conversation about bowel movements within an hour of meeting someone
- Bowel movements is a suitable topic of conversation at the dinner table
- You have become a dab hand at stealing toilet rolls
- The good toilet rolls are "saved" for "special occasions"
- You can't remember the tube map but can explain the bus system in Colombia in detail
- The criteria for heading to a new location is based on cost+distance/weather
- You only need to look at your bag to tell how many kilos it is
- You can name every cheap eatery within a 5 mile radius
- You know the answer to the first five questions any new person you meet will ask you (where are you from, how long have you been here, where were you before, how long are you travelling, how much longer to go)
- You have no idea what's happening in the news
- You don't really care about what's happening in the news
- You can't remember the last time you could actually read the menu
- you can spend a whole day with someone before actually knowing their name
- It takes you another day to remember the name
- Wearing thongs into the shower is normal

Something I kept track of and laughed about all along the journey.  Feel free to comment, add, contribute, challenge or take it on - only travellers will understand and share the joke! 

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photo by: Isoinspira