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At the end of a journey it's only right to thank the people that contributed right?  Gwynnie did it spectaculalry so did Halle Berry so now it's my turn ....

Thank you to ....

Maggie = mi amor.  No tengo parables.  Thank you for the chats, the adventure, the 2am hike up Torres del Paine, the Malbec, the dancing and one of the best friendships i could have ever imagined.  It was an amazing three months.

Raila for acai, for laughter, for friendship.  For the scooter rides to spanish lessons and a friendship that i cherish.  Wouldn't have shared the Brazilian colour and madness with anyone else. 

SMell ... where do i start?!  For surviving the marathon that was the biggest party in the world and for coming back for more in Colombia.  Thank you for the crazy Aguardiente nights, the beer in Cali, the dancing, the chats, the love of Colombia we share and for always having the energy to inspire me.

Elvis for making Peru more magical than i ever thought possible and making the best Pisco Sours 

Porteno for showing me the real BA and making me a Portena Queen

Karin and Brenda for sharing my first moments in Quito and Mojitos!

Gekkos tour group = you guys are legends.  Thank you for the whole shebang tonights gonna be a good night nights and sharing my first adventures in south america

Team Washi ... thank you for Michael Jackson, i can still feel it!

To the Atlantic 6  - The Biggest party in the World wouldn't have been half as big without you.  The stuff of legends.

Taganga Pose - For Tagnaga Sunsets and more importantly Taganaga sunrises. 

Hannah, Jenny, Suze - for the laughter, caprisokas, for the yoga and laughter and the dancing.  Loved the time with you girls, it was too short

Micahel - for the chats, the shared spiritual journey and the shopping for the flats we don't yet have but will one day own.  You'll be the first person i invite for a cup of tea

For Nati and Hanoch for teaching me about the Dashi and encouraging an early morning hike that was spectacular!

Nikki - for the late nights and CV help - who does that in Guatemala?!

Ginge - for making me fall in love with diving again.  For introducing me to sachets with vodka and being an inspiration.  Never change!

Darbs for the hilarity and strange views only a fellow Essex Girl, I mean East London girl can share!

To my Amazon ladies who cruised the river and swung in hammocks with me.  The Amazon didn't know what hit it but nor did we with those home made Caparihinas!  Ooops! 

The Cuban Geckos - For sharing the adventure, the terrible food, the LONG abel lectures and for everything in between

The Chill House gang in BA for bringing in 2010 in style, being a home from home and introducing me to Million Bar

Tayla and Antony for sharing my last days in paradise

For everyone else I met along the way that I may have not mentionned by name you all contributed to this incredible adventure and each of you are part of the bank of memories that will make me smile until my dying day.  Thank you xxx

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