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After months of meeting people who attest to the fact that Medellin is, and i quote, the best city on earth, i was rather excited to get here.  The journey from Manizales to the North terminal was a cool 7 hours but through some really spectacular scenary.  Watching the coffee region fade away and turn into the city was an awesome sight.  The city of Medellin at first glance is rather cold, big red buildings, lots of roads and traffic but when you look further into the hills and the surrounds you start to see that although it doesn`t have the colonial charm of Bogota it definitely has something to offer.

It´s also known as the "City of Eternal Spring" for it´s year round temperate climate and sunny days.  Although the whole first weekend it´s all done is rain and so it´s more like London than you´d think, other than the fact it´s 25 degrees outside.  Can´t complain too much.

Checking into Casa Kiwi was like checking into party central.  A 10 man (and believe me it smelt like 10 men) dorm was the only downside but it did contain an "old friend" Hayley who i met in Brazil a month or so ago.  Always lovely to bump back into people, that`s when they become old friends!  Located in Poblado it reminds me a lot of Palermo, with great places to eat and drink and party and is where all the rich kids come to play.  Parque Lleras and Parque Poblado are the two big centres on a weekend, with Parque Poblado containing mainly students drinking from cheap cafes around the square or drinking home bought dodgy rum or aguardiente in the square itself.  It`s lively to say the least.  Parque Lleras is more upmarket with trendy bars and cafes and clubs lining the well kept square and all playing music and requiring ID for entrance. 

The weekend passed in a haze of ridiculous antics around the two parques.  There was a lot of dancing, chatting, shots and the like.  Met a lot of really cool locals who were all thrilled to see tourists in their city, it´s always so refreshing to hear positive things about tourists and have people excited to see you.  Here in Colombia it´s an entirely different level, it´s a huge privellege to be here. 

Crawling into the hostel at 6am each morning i was surrounded by lots of other people in the same state too.  The days were slightly less than productive but who needs the day when you have Medellin nights?

melsadventure says:
Posted on: May 13, 2010
Ape says:
"The days were slightly less than productive but who needs the day when you have Medellin nights?"

Amazing! I've got to remember that one :D
Posted on: May 10, 2010
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