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The longest and most painful journey of all was the one from Flores to Copan.  It didn't start well when a bus driver put me on the bus to Honduras.  The wrong bus as it turned out which I only discovered once we had left the bus station. It was 6am and not what i wanted to hear as there was just one scheduled departure for Honduras that day and it meant staying a whole other day.  What I hadn't factored on was the ticket collector calling the bus i was meant to be on and confirming that they were in fact waiting for me at the bus station, a whole hour after we were scheduled to leave.  When would that happen anywhere else in the world?!  For all the Latino style manana's and idosyncrises I love this continent.

So I finally boarded the right bus and started the 12 hour journey across the border to Copan.  With many stops, controls, interesting changes and a final payment, I entered the penultimate country on my trip Honduras. Many people don't ever bother with the Copan Ruins, the fact they are expensive ($22) and add an extra stop to the journey means that most people skip them to head straight for the Bay Islands.  I however was keen to see at least one other Mayan site in order to compare and contrast Tikal against something.  Equally when you've come all this way, what difference does a day make?

The town of Copan is a quaint tourist town.  Designed for Ameircan tourists it has expensive places to eat and a few over priced tourist shops.  But it was good to be somewhere a little more Western after the long journey.


The ruins for me where an absolute highlight and I'm glad that I decided to go.  Where Tikal is large and impressive Copan is intricate and orante.  It's a smaller, greener and more lush site with more temples and carvings and was just wonderful to see.   I took the printed guide around the site which was really useful as there was loads to see and I would never have got so much out of it!

Went into the museum too and saw all the restored pieces and recreations and it must have been a truly impressive site in the day.  Wonderful experience and nice to wander at my own pace.

Cafe Via Via was my base for the rest of the day with more Papaya liquados (will I ever have enough?!) and reading.  Next stop the long awaited Bay Islands for diving.  

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Copan Hotels & Accommodations review
Very comfy beds (Dorm bed cost L 95) really clean and quiet and the showers were hot and the staff very friendly and helpful.
photo by: Cho