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The real centre of the world
Today I was in the middle of the world.  Not many days you get to say that sentence!

After a delicious fruit breakfast I ventured into the brilliant Quito morning and took a bus to the centre of the world.  Yup folks, it´s that easy! Now the South American counterparts of our lovely London bus drivers have made a national sport of throwing people from their feet and seats, they make English drivers look like amateurs!  So after a rather scary ride I arrived along with Andrea (a lovely Kentucky girl also living with my family) and went into the rather impressive monument.  What makes it all the more impressive is that it´s actually situated in the wrong place, about 500m to the west of the actual line!!!  It´s incredible that indigenous tribes knew where it was without GPS but clearly the local Ecuadorians didn´t!

So after visiting the "fake" centre we went across to the more rustic looking indigenous area and took a really interesting tour around the site.
Yes .... here i am at Latitude 00.00.00
  We visited typical huts and looked at the scary creatures that can eat you, swim up your bits if you pee in the Amazon river and some rather large snakes.  Nothing like getting a glimpse of all your fears in one!  We finally went down to the actual Equator line and did a series of tests.  Did you know that Gravity is stronger on the equator line?  If you hold your arms above your head on the North or South side it takes quite some effort to pull them down, but on the line .... dun dun dun .... they fall almost effortlessly.  We also witnessed water falling stright down the sink, no clockwise or anticlockwise swirl ... spooky.  There was also the "police line" test where you had to walk heel to toe with your arms outstretched and eyes closed along the Equator line.  Now i look like that after 3 or 4 Mojitos but here i needed none to fall over.

So i sit here now still wiping the dust from my body, sipping a mojito and looking forward to heading off to the Galapagos tomorrow.  Ah ... life on the road!
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The real centre of the world
The real centre of the world
Yes .... here i am at Latitude 00.…
Yes .... here i am at Latitude 00…
Balancing eggs on the Equator line…
Balancing eggs on the Equator lin…
photo by: Bluetraveler