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Simon Bolivar Plaza - the main cathedral

We all have friends that say "im going to come and see you for sure" and for the most part you think "cool, but i bet theyll never make it".  Well after much discussion and planning my Aunt from the States finally boarded a plane in Newark, USA and joined me in Bogota, Colombia for a two week adventure in Latin America.  Despite her fear that she´d slow me down i secretly feared i´d slow her down and it was certainly stranger for me to see her in Latin America than for her to see me there despite what she said!

So on a rather chilly evening i met my new travel buddy at the airport and started a two week jaunt that turned into quite an adventure. 

Having just two days in Bogota i decided to save some of the highlights to share with my aunt.

My Aunt and I at Monserrate
  So first up was the amazing Museo del Oro (Gold Museum) which houses a collection of gold artefacts that have been found all over Colombia from different cultures.  It was one of the best curated and designed museums i have visited in South America and the English translations actually make sense! So after a 2 hour walk around I had definitely figured out which were the pieces to steal.

We also managed to make our way up to Monserrate to get a birds eye view of Bogota, and what a view it is!  The city is huge and in a spectacular setting as youd expect from an Andean city.  Locals make their way up here each Sunday to pray at the Monserrate church but fortunately the Funicular was open so we decided to go the easy way and pay $14,000 COP for a return journey.

The following day we took a train, bus and taxi out to the Zipaquira Salt Cathedral.

The green people in Bogota that represent all the locals
Opened in 1995 to replace an older Cathedral that had become unfit to use, the new cathedral was built withion a functioning salt mine.  The Cathedral itself has services every Sunday but otherwise is one of the largest tourist attractions in Colombia and for good reason.  Its an incredible place.  We took the slow walk through the stations of the cross where the English translations were an education in themselves.  The highlight of the day was the film at the end of the tour which is hosted by Nacho, the futuristic mining Robot.  Really informative and i defy anyone not to want to actually meet Nacho in person.  Hahahaha.

We also decided to pay the extra money to do the "Miners Walk".  So once again, and despite my previous experiences in Potosi, i donned a hard hat and light and went down into the mines.  Unlike Potosi this is a lot more organised and safe.  The guide was really interesting and explained how the miners worked in the mines and why the salt was so important.  At the end of the day we even got to witness a dynamite explosion .... well not quite!

So after a great two days in Bogota there was time for one more falafel before bed.  Heading to Salento for the next stage of the adventure. 

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Simon Bolivar Plaza - the main cat…
Simon Bolivar Plaza - the main ca…
My Aunt and I at Monserrate
My Aunt and I at Monserrate
The green people in Bogota that re…
The green people in Bogota that r…
Simon Bolivar Plaza
Simon Bolivar Plaza
Salt Cathedral
Salt Cathedral
Donning a hard hat once again
Donning a hard hat once again
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