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Before the teams come on they let off balloons

I experienced my first football match here in Latin America and happily i also survived it!  Maggie and I joined two guys from the hostel to go and see Colo Colo play the first leg of the cup final against Catholica.  The match was at home in Santiago so we went along at 4pm with tickets in hand and not much else.  The train going there was crowded with fans singing and chanting, it wasn´t even close to preparing us for the sight when we got to the stadium.  Literally thousands of people, in the black and white strip dancing, singing and chanting.  It´s the first time i have ever seen army tanks sat outside a football stadium ... what on earth were we letting ourselves in for?!

We finally got into the stadium and understood.

  The stadium holds around 45,000 people but i think there were double that in there.  People were standing in the stairways, two people to a seat and in the main end, i don´t even know if they had seats.  As we walked in the crowd was going wild, setting off flairs, chanting, dancing, singing, shouting, drumming and generally making a racket.  It didn´t stop either.  For the 30 minutes before the game until 20 minutes after the game there was noise and cheering.  People stood on the seats rather than on the floor and i have no idea how the people selling drinks made their way through the crowd but they always did. 

The match was a lesson in how not to referee, offside rule - pah, fouling - pah, pushing the goalkeeper over because he´s annoyed you - no problem.  It was a schoolyard scrap! The football was pretty good though and it was a goal filled afternoon with the final score was 2 all (questionable penalty at the end though for Catholica!) so everyone left happy and ready for round 2.  Glad to say Colo Colo won the season and the cup and that was the team we supported!

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Before the teams come on they let …
Before the teams come on they let…
Army tanks!
Army tanks!
photo by: Bluetraveler