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Not a soul for miles ... Bliss!

From the moment we got to Peruvian border I fell in love with the place.  The frenetic energy, colours, buzzing market, rickshaws, local sellers and buyers all hustled together in a crowded square reminded me of India and Asia.  This is how I expected South America to be! Peru shares a bridge with Ecuador and as you pass half way across the colours on the bridge change to red and white and then you are officially in Peru.  So I now have my 2nd South American stamp in my passport.  Woopla!

We met our guide at the border, Mum - good news, Elvis is alive and well living in Peru.  He´s great, really knowledgeable and loves his country and in the short bus ride he really bought the country to life.  Our first night we spent at the beach town of Zorritos.

  It´s a strange place located in the Peruvian dessert which is apparently the 3rd driest dessert in the world.  The shacks were pretty robust and they were right on the Pacific ocean so you could hear the sounds of the waves.  Beautiful.  The beach itself was pretty wild with lots of dried up dead wood and home to thousands of crabs.  The most spectacular aspect though is having the Andes as a backdrop.  You literally turn around and the Andes mountain range is just metres from the ocean.  Unreal!  Dinner was an interesting affair, we had local paella which was incredible coupled with the strongest and cheapest Caphirinihas I have ever had and Peru´s national drink - The Pisco Sour.  To say i was a little drunk may be an understatement!

Next stop was the dessert town of Chiclayo, which is home to a fascinating museum that has artefacts found in one tomb in 1987 belonging to the Lord of Sipan from the Mochica time.

The Decapatator
  Incredible necklaces, jewellery, pottery and clothing artefacts have been found by archeologists in one tomb.  These guys pre-date the Incas so it´s a very important find.  What´s amazing is that they think the length of the coast in Peru is dominated by pyramids byt they don´t have the money to manage excavations so they have to leave them!

Next stop was Trujillo, home to the Chan Chan ruins of te Chimu people and more recently where they discovered the Lunar and Sun temples from the Mochica times.  The Lunar temple is beng excavated as they have private sponsors (the beer company and the Frenc government!) and the place is fascinating as it has 5 layers from 5 dynasties of the people.  When each dynasty was completed they filled in the temple level and built a new temple on top.

The Sun Temple - still to be excavated
  However, they filled it in with mud bricks leaving a 5mm gap and filling that with fine sand to preserve the temple beneath, you therefore have amazingly preserved ruins with colour intact!  The main god for these people was Ai-apaec, or as he´s more commonly known, the Decapatator and the place is adorned with hyroglyphics of him.  This place was also where they sacrficed young boys to please the gods.  They held games with teams of boys competeing and the losers were sacrficed.  The one time where "it´s the taking part that counts" probably doesn´t apply!

Chan Chan was less in tact as they simply abandonned palaces and temples when they had finished with them.  These people were around the time of the Incas and were descendants of the Mochica people.

The Chan Chan ruins
  They however worshipped the sea and sun more so than The Decapìtator so the palaces have lots of imagery of the sea.  The place is huge, 15 square kms and they have only had time and money to excavate 20% of it, can you imagine!!!

Love how I´ve come here for Machu Pichu and the Nasca lines but have discovered so much more, the country is so rich in culture, cuisine and customs and i´m only scratching the surface.  Next stop Lima!


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Not a soul for miles ... Bliss!
Not a soul for miles ... Bliss!
The Decapatator
The Decapatator
The Sun Temple - still to be excav…
The Sun Temple - still to be exca…
The Chan Chan ruins
The Chan Chan ruins
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The beautiful colonial square in …
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