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Although near fluent in Spanish when i have Aguardiente to help, i decided some time ago that it wouldn`t be a bad idea to hone the Spanish skills some more.  So after a little research Seb and I met Alex at EAFIT and signed ourselves up for a two week intensive course ($756,000COP) at the university.  If only it was that easy.  In Colombia you also need a student visa to study that runs concurrently with your current tourist visa.  It also costs more.  Of course.  So complete with a list of tasks we ran around the city getting passport photos, photocopies of our passport, notaries to verify our signature and lots more.  So after two days of faffing, $200,000 we were officially enrolled in EAFIT.  Student life again!

EAFIT is one of the best private universities in the country and has a great reputation for Spanish classes.  The students that come here study for 5 years and have to pay really high fees which explains their work hard ethic and the lack of a student bar on campus.  Many of the students work through the day and study at night just to afford to come here, although with the highest concentration of mobiles, ipods, seriously good trainers and clothes i think it might be one of the swankiest spots so far on the trip.  Classes start here at 6am and run until 10pm at night so the work ethos definitely prevails ... can you imagine that in England?  Nunca!

So in group 3 (out of a possible 9!) i joined William (Swiss), Eiven (Norweigan), Su (Korean and works for Samsung) and Andrew (English) and our amazing proffessor Juan.  The first few days i`ve definitely learnt lots and my brain isn`t used to the studying and concentration anymore but it feels really good to have some more formal lessons.  It also helps that the students are pretty good looking so lunch times are great!

Tune in next week to see an entry in Spanish .... talvez!

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photo by: caliphil007