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The final night in Cartegena complete with international ships attending a conference. Ai ai sailor!
It´s true, i´ve fallen for a country, taken her completely to my heart, fallen in love with her people, culture, music and heritage.  There is no other place in the world like Colombia.  These people have been through so much, survived and had to bear the scars of wars and torture, bad presidents and guerillas, yet they are the most hopeful, welcoming, vibrant people I have ever encountered.  To be greeted daily with a smile and a "A la ordey" or "Con Mucho Gusto" doesn´t happen in every country.  I´ve been befriended and helped along every step of the way by locals who are overjoyed to see tourists in their country and ask nothing of you in return other than to try to understand it, love it if you will.  The beautiful thing is we all do.

From the rolling Andean peaks to the lush lands of the Zona Cafetera, from the sticky heat of Cartegena where the smell of Panderias waft across the ancient streets to the red peaks of Medellin, this country has everything.
Playa Blanca
  I´ll miss the street vendors with their trays of tinto and hot chocolate, the shoe shiners, the men playing checkers in the street, the Postobon ice cream men ringing their bells, the "Con mucho gusto" as people greet you or say goodbye and so much more.  This is a travellers dream, i don´t want to tell anyone about it so it stays as it is, but it is inevitable that change will come.  I just pray it´s for the better and that these people never change.

I have taken the plunge and signed up to sail with Fritz the Cat to Panama tomorrow, who knows what will happen but it´s sure to be an adventure.  I´ve sipped my last Lulo juice, eaten my last Arepa and Crepes and Waffles (how will i survive without it?) and watched the sunset over Colombia for the last time.
The Colombian colours flying over Cartegena.

There is the general election here on Sunday when a new president will take control of this country.  Uribe leaves it, not a totally liked or respected President and with a shady past, but he leaves this country far better than when he came to power.  The person who takes over (largely thought to be Mockus who Chaves in Venezuela likes and has refused to accept anyone else!)  has a huge task ahead of them, to keep the positive momentum going against the guerilla and drug wars that continue in the jungle, to bring prosperity to a land that so desperately deserves it and to keep the peoples hope and positivity alive.  I just hope they´re up to the job.

It´s hard to leave but the time has come.  My last day was blissful.  I sank my toes into the sand on Playa Blanca, had a Fresa Light Crepes and Waffles sorbet and about to hit Cafe del Mar for cocktails.  It´s a fitting ending ....

"Thank you for believing in Colombia.  Always remember this beautiful country is your second home.  You will always find the doors as well as the big beautiful Colombian hearts open to you"

I hope that i do, because i´ll be back!  Hasta la vista baby!
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The final night in Cartegena compl…
The final night in Cartegena comp…
Playa Blanca
Playa Blanca
The Colombian colours flying over …
The Colombian colours flying over…
photo by: vulindlela