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"Lime is for Whimps..."


Dougal has a great entry in his blog entitled "The food of the Gods" , and this fine feature focuses (say that three times quickly) on some of the local food that is found specially in his home area of Sheffield.

Well Dougal, as Michael Jackson would croon to you whilst questionably clothed, "You are not alone."


Arizona is quite a large state (the sixth largest state in the US), at 114,006 Square Miles; compare that to all of England being 50,085 Square Miles, and you'll begin to realize the size of the STATE wherein I live!!!  Over twice the size of England!  Just my state alone!

So... as you can imagine, there are local brands here, specific to our state - just as you have your local Sheffield editables.  But ours seem to take it to another, more bizarre, level:

They name these foods, after locations WITHIN the state - not always, but often.

Take our bread, for example. 

I mean, you can't REALLY take it, since you can't buy it out side of Arizona; but have a look at the pictures I have so kindly provided.  For each variety of bread they have created, they have named it after an area of Arizona; the nine grain is called "Sedona", named after our famous Red Rock country... the dark 12 grain?  Why, that's "Havasu Falls", of course!!  If you're looking for something softer, like the buttermilk potato, go with the soft, soothing feel of "Oak Creek Canyon"... looking for something nutty, like wheatberry?  The bumpy "Picacho Peak" will serve you well.  But my favorite, of course, is the mild irony of the White bread - which is nothing other than what?  Say it with me my friends... "The White Mountains".  Ahhhh....

Next Up?  Ice Cream!

Keep in mind, this isn't one company or anything - just seems to be a theme in the state.  I'm not going to show all the pics for this one, because they are too small and you can't appreciate them, but I'll give you one so you get the idea of the packaging.

Carmelback Mountain ice cream. Vance and Walt should like that - it's a bad play on words after all...
  But here's a few examples of the local frozen treats...




Snowbowl Vanilla                (based on our famous ski area of Snowbowl)

Showlow Carb                    (based on the town of Show Low, Arizona)

Grand Butter Pecanyon        (based on the Grand Canyon)

Caramelback Mountain        (based on Camelback Mountain - see pic in my last post)

Route 66 Rocky Road         (based on the famous Route 66)

Coyote Cookies & Cream   (based on our local hockey team, the Coyotes)

Sabino Canyon Neapolitan   (based on Sabino Canyon in Tucson - I have a separate review on this)     

Monumint Chip Valley          (based on Monument Valley)

Tombstone Roundup             (based on Tombstone Arizona)




So, I won't go into too many more details.

Chili hard lemonade - of course...
   I will simply mention that we also have Arizona Tortillas, both corn and flour, and more... but I DO have to mention our adult bevvies for a moment...


What would Arizona be without booze that had chilies in it?  Name your poison... Beer?  Hard Lemonade?  It can come with the pepper pre-packaged in the bottle, and all the chili pepper oil mixed in with the liquor.  Now, I'm a tough Arizona girl, I am; but this stuff, when mixed with the alcohol?  It burns!  And it doesn't stop.  Again, made locally, and named as such.  Cave Creek Chili Beer, the place of it's birth.


So... there's a little on our local food and drink.

Amanda says:
It may scare you Dougal, but this blog is not to make you comfortable; it's to educate...
Posted on: May 11, 2007
azzurri says:
Hmmm, I'm curious about the Tombstone Roundup :P
Posted on: May 11, 2007
dougal says:
I am slightly scared to be mentioned in the same sentence as Jacko.
Posted on: May 11, 2007
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Lime is for Whimps...
"Lime is for Whimps..."
Carmelback Mountain ice cream.  Va…
Carmelback Mountain ice cream. V…
Chili hard lemonade - of course...
Chili hard lemonade - of course...
Chili Beer
Chili Beer
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