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Oh Dougal, Dougal, Dougal...

I enjoyed your entry on "The Sons of Sheffield"; I really did; however I found it quite facinating that you were quite so emphatic over the point that the word "Daughters" be left out; then, I took a second look at the entries, and all became clear; perhaps your women aren't much to write home about?  Or... write away from home about?

NOT the case for my home state.  Our women, it would seem, kick your women's...well you know.

First though, I know how you men get when you are left out or made to wait, so first let me share some of the wonderful men that have come from my native soil...


  1. César Chávez - hailed as one of the greatest American civil rights leaders after Martin Luther King, Jr..
  2. Zane Grey - wild west author and novelist
  3. Frank Lloyd Wright - prominent architect of the 20th century
  4. Steve Allen - comedian, actor, composer, author, known as The Father of TV Talk Shows."
  5. Ted Danson - of "Cheers" fame
  6. David Spade - I ate dinner next to him once.
  7. Steven Spielberg - who I ran into at "Whole Foods Market" when he was visiting his mom for Mothers Day 5 years ago.
  8. Jim Adkins - lead singer and guitarist for the band Jimmy Eat World
  9. Chester Bennington - singer for the band Linkin Park
  10. Derrick Bostrom - Meat Puppets Drummer.
  11. Curt Kirkwood - Meat PuppetsGuitar vocals
  12. Alice Cooper - rock and roll singer , now owns semi strange local restaurant. His wife is nice.
  13. Dave Mustaine - frontman and founder of the metal band Megadeth
  14. Wayne Newton - the singer known as "Mr. Las Vegas"
  15. Richard Page and Steve George of the group Mr. Mister (Who can resist "Take these broken wings?)
  16. The Apache Kid - a famous outlaw
  17. Cochise - chief of the Chiricahua Apache
  18. Geronimo - Yes, that’s right, the one and only original!! He was leader of the Chiricahua Apache, and hero of the Native American Fight for respect and independence.
  19. Doc Holiday - gambler and gunfighter, known for his participation in the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral

A good list so far, wouldn't you say?  But now the fun begins, as we move on to our daughters...


  1. Sandra Day O'Connor - first woman Justice of the Supreme Court
  2. Erma Bombeck - author, newspaper columnist and humorist
  3. Stevie Nicks - singer with the group Fleetwood Mac. When we sit down for a pint, remind me to tell you about the day I didn’t get to meet her.
  4. Linda Ronstadt - singer-songwriter
  5. Tanya Tucker - country music singer


  1. Michelle Branch - singer-songwriter, guitarist
  2. Jules Asner - actress and host of E!'s show Wild On!
  3. Lynda Carter - The original "Wonder Woman" also won Miss World U.S.A. 1972
  4. Barbara Eden - Of "I Dream of Jeannie" fame. Yes my friend, Jeannie came from Arizona.
  5. Jenna Jameson - Who has been called the world's most famous porn star,and/or the Queen of porn.



    Amanda says:
    Seeing as it's 104 degrees today and not yet mid May... I would have to agree with you Roger...
    Posted on: May 12, 2007
    X_Drive says:
    Amanda, my dear, I won't try to get between you and dougal in this "thing" you have going, but I will note that you said that all of those people were "from" Arizona. I agree, anywhere in Arizona is a good place to be "from"! (It's almost as bad there as the San Joaquin valley in California) :)
    Posted on: May 12, 2007
    Amanda says:
    If you ever visit I shall take you. The "Megadeath" Meatloaf is well received, but as a veggie man, I'd suggest "The Pretender" Veggie - Smoked and grilled portobello mushrooms and fresh vegetables stacked high with sliced fresh tomatoes and herbed cheese. Not bad. You might also want th4 "Stevie Nicks" Gardenburger. Add cheese for 99¢...
    Posted on: May 12, 2007
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