Not even 2 hours after arriving, food festival started :)

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arriving to Manta
We arrived to Manta around 5:30pm. Manta is a small city, so instead of driving all the passengers to the van terminal, the driver would drive us to our last destinations, how great! The driver didn't speak English, so I'd be in charge of give him Roger's address, but there was a small problem. I didn't know the address! I asked Shawn the address and he didn't know that either, hahaha. Well, it wasn't his fault, addresses in Manta are very strange and the house doesn't even have a number... strange...

Shawn didn't know the address, but knew how to get there. So I just told the driver we were going to Howard Johnson's hotel. Roger lives nearby. When we were getting closer, Shawn recognized the area and I gave the driver some directions.
brie cheese caramelized with butter and brow sugar, very tasty!
Roger was waiting for us. It was so nice to meet him again. I met him in Manta my first time in Ecuador and right now he was living in a bigger apartment.

I organized my stuff and unpacked the pisco! We'd have a pisco night. Other friends from Shawn and Roger would come over and I'd be in charge of the piscos, yay! All of them were American expats and haven't tried the pisco, so I'd be the Peruvian ambassador :)

Roger cooked some appetizers, delicious! When we crossed the door, I smelled something delicious, yummy! Bree cheese with brown sugar, chicken liver wrapped by bacon and palm hearts with a dip sauce. His neighbors and friends also showed up, bringing stuffed jalapenos, too tasty!!! We all were chatting and I mentioned Shawn was having birthday on Friday and we would have a party, yay!

We were 7 happy people eating delicious food and toasting with piscos. Perfect start of the looong weekend.
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arriving to Manta
arriving to Manta
brie cheese caramelized with butte…
brie cheese caramelized with butt…
chicken liver wrapped by bacon
chicken liver wrapped by bacon
palm hearts, yummy!
palm hearts, yummy!
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