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a bag inside another :P
I would be go back to Ecuador, this time to the coast. It would be just for 6 days, so I didn't need to pack much, although I'd be taking with me a big bag, it was borrowed and I had to take it back... and I just wanted to have a carry on... oh well, having to check a  bag would allow me to take a big bottle of pisco! hahaha

It'd be more about packing summer clothing, so good just to think about leaving cloudy Lima and going to the beach, how nice! I'd pack everything in a small suitcase, which I would put into the big one, hehehe. Pisco, clothing, birthday present, chargers, mmm. I think I'm ready. This would be the first time I leave Lima with less luggage than the one I bring back, hahaha.

I'd take my Ecuadorian chip with me, so I'd have the Ecuadorian cellphone number, but I'd use it just when I arrive to the country to meet Shawn.
I'm gonna be a good kid
It'd be better not switching the chip for the whole time, since people at the office thought I'd be in Lima, hehehe.

Gunther noticed I was packing and started to watch me closer than usual, hahaha. I couldn't go anywhere without him following me, awww. I'd miss you too, baby! But grandma would take care of you and also I'd bring something back for you. Usually I have lunch with mom on Fridays, but we had lunch today, just to chat and also have some veggies, I didn't think I'd have much veggies in Ecuador. I'd visit meat lovers, hahaha, and we'd have a seafood festival :P

Before going to bed, I arranged the cab for tomorrow morning. Now, it was time to go to bed... hopefully I'd feel perfect tomorrow. I got the cold a couple of days ago, I was doing much better now. Anyway, with cold or without it, I'd have fun :)
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a bag inside another :P
a bag inside another :P
Im gonna be a good kid
I'm gonna be a good kid
Gunther, dont give me that look...
Gunther, don't give me that look...
photo by: rsvpme