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It is 5:20 p.m. right now in Zagreb. Today I went to this sweet catholic church. I met this proffessor there who could speak english, and he was also a part of the church, like a minister sort of guy. He told me all about each part of the building, he basically explained the whole history of Croatia to me...and he was a History Professor!! crazy. I got a a snipe video of him talking to me, butt I have no way of posting it. when I get home I will. The weather is beautiful, the people are so beautiful, and the pizza is actualy delicious...almost as good as blind onion. I love it here in croatia, I feel that I should have been born here. everything is so relaxed. I sat on a park bench reading some devine scripture, and journaling, and people were just coming and going, walking their dogs and kids hah. then I sat on a bench by this theatre and ate my pizza. there were people sitting to the right and left of me. Last night, me and my sister went to this club, and it was awesome! the music was good and hilariously entertaining, best show ive been to besides mute math. we talked w/ the bass player and percussionist. they are really humble, and gave us the time. not like most American musicians who are all like "oh im famous, ill give you an autograph...maybe let you take a picture with me, but thats it, now leave." ya, these guys were awesome, and the bass player was telling me about this school he went to in austria. I think new york has a better jazz scene, butt it might be kool to go to austria for school! These guys just loved playing music, thats what it was all about for them. they didnt care if they got paid or not. amen.

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photo by: EmEm