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All of our lives, Liz and I have heard about 'The Trip'.  'The Trip' was a voyage that our mother and her sister took when they were in their early 20's.  They toured Europe, just the two of them.  Stories about 'the trip' come up all the time - when we talk about traveling, or our family, or funny memories.  They talk about running out of money in Italy, meeting up with family friends in Switzerland, reading books on the train, asking awkward questions to non English speakers, and nightmare hotels. 
Liz and I grew up romanticizing this idea of 'the trip'.  It is so exciting on so many levels - two sisters embarking on an adventure together - independent in the world, codependent on each other.  As teenagers we began to fantasize about taking a trip of our own some day.  It was a long shot, a very scary and expensive undertaking to be sure, but oh the time we would have.  By the time I reached college, Liz and I had been lucky enough to do some traveling, which gave us the nerve to establish 'the trip' as a goal for ourselves.  We decided that we ARE going to go to Europe together, just the two of us. 
The only thing to coordinate is the timing.  Liz and I are 5 years apart in age, putting us at very different stages of life.  Fortunately we graduate within a year of each other.  We told our parents that we wanted to take this trip as a joint graduation gift.  We tried to pitch it to our skeptical parents as a two for one deal....they have yet to agree to the trip....but when presented with a well executed plan, they are always reasonable.  Liz and I are about to show them just how serious we are! 
Late spring/early summer 2011 is our tentative date.  Personally I think it is an ideal time, as it is a transition time for both of us.  Liz will be finished with her freshman year of college, and I will be back from my year in Argentina. 
Family travel traditions are customary in our family.  At five years old, our Grandmothers took each grandchild to Disneyland.  At age 10, we each took a trip to Seattle with three of our friends for a week long 'house-party'.  So in the honor of our wonderful matriarchs, we are now making the 'Post-Grad-Girls-European-Tour' a new tradition.  And it is sure to go down in history.....
I wanted to start the blog this far in advance to document our travel plans and our process.  In an attempt to have a perfect trip, we are spending a lot of time doing research and learning about the things we are going to see.  I thought a blog would be a good way to keep everyone informed and in touch, and also to get advice and recommendations too! 

More to come!
dothoin says:
look forward to hearing more about your TRIP
Posted on: Sep 18, 2009
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