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Still Celta
Well. Still have no job, dont know how to salsa, and cant speak Spanish. All in all, this last week has not been a great one in terms of achievements. Also, on Friday night i broke my shoe- not only were they the white and silver sandals that go with everything, but i fell over, in front of the whole of Ecuador. Have been trying so hard to be demure and sophisticated type, and in one fell swoop (ha) have undone all of good work.

In real life though, have had mid course evaluation thing, and all is fine so evidently this is good news. On the other hand, now am supposed to be teaching intermediate class (these ppl are good) and not only am I first, but lesson is about cooking! Oh Jesus, how the hell am I supposed to pull that one off? I only know how to cook spaghetti. Bad times. Also, the scary assessment woman is coming this week to watch some of us teach. I very much don´t want one of those poor unfortunate souls to be me. Particularly as I can´t afford to bribe her.

This last week has actually been relatively stress free, and so obviously have taken opportunity to work on suntan. The people on the course all think I am insane, although best sunbathing related quote came from Andreas who informed that I lie out in the sun all day like a wizard, as opposed to lizard. Very, very amusing. They also have no idea what sunburn is. Even when what I obviously am is a beautiful golden brown, they accuse me of being burnt. Seriously, I miss English definition, because, if I got out of the sun everytime these people accused me of being sunburnt, I would be white for the rest of my life, and this would be a disaster of epic proportions. And anyway, I am right, it always does go brown in the morning.

Am shortly going to have to tell the family that I´m moving out. Came up in converstaion yesterday, just with Andreas, and I got the impression they just think I´ve moved in. Well good, they are so nice but terribly bad influence, Sylvia the younger went to Montanita this weekend and wanted me to go with her. I tried to explain that I did actually have to go to my lessons but she was adamant that coure Mestros would understand. I felt that they would not.

Was very funny actually, she said to me,¨ but Hatty you need a rest, you are working too hard etc etc. (obviously I agreed heartily) and... you look terrible!" Well, I didn´t think there was any need for that. I had had a long day, that is all.

Seriously though, how scary is this? Course finishes in 2 weeks and then might have to start being a grownup. I don´t know how to do that in England! Although, Kate has said that might be better if have more Spanish lessons first so may have succeeded in putting off dreaded day for a while longer. This however, does not alter fact that it seems imminent. What´s a girl to do?

In any case, I swear to keep you all updated on any important events, and I want everyone I love to send me lots of messages. Oh, and I hope it continues to rain in England. Otherwise, there was no point me leaving, apart obviously from rice diet.

Much love xxx

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