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The lessons are at ´Simon Bolivar Language School´ approximately a 3 minute walk away from the big house, and lessons start at 8.30 am. Because Jack showed me where the school was 4 times over the weekend I left at 8, allowing half an hour to get lost in, and still arrive on time. This was overly optimistic.

Despite the fact that you take the first left and then first right, I had no idea where I was and so decided to ask kindly stranger. He was very kind and helpful and told me he would show me where the school was. So, we started walking in what looked to me like absolutely the wrong direction. However, as have already mentioned had managed to get lost, so OBVIOUSLY I know nothing. Although apparently this I did know.

We walked for a good fifteen minutes, he gave me his card, told me to phone him, and got in a taxi.


At this point, was speedily running out of time, so I too decided to get cab. Taxi driver was third person had met who had no idea where school was, and took me to other side of Quito, although kindly did not make me pay for scenic tour.

Had to get another taxi back to house (don´t worry though Kate, only cost a dollar), and start from scratch. Inexplicably, this time journey took 3 minutes, although clearly have no idea what I did differently.

Edith (teacher) didn´t care about lateness at all. However, she was Jackson´s teacher 6 weeks ago, and much like Sylvia the elder, she thinks he is King. As anticipated, could have stayed at Billys´ for this nonsense.

However, went for vital Monday evening drinks with Sylvia the younger (although sadly not at The Green), and Kelly, other girl who is staying in house Despite being from New York, she seems to wear trainers all the time, thereby dashing all SATC inspired thoughts about the place. Anyway, had two glasses of wine (size of thimble, cost a hundred dollars) and was quite drunk actually. Presumably is combination of altitude and diet consisting solely of rice.

It seems they only have finite amount of food in house as when ´the men´ turn up, the girls get no dinner. Particularly when ´men´ in question, is astonishingly greedy brother Jackson. He is no longer welcomed at Casa de Sylvia by me, but doesn´t care at all.

When you can find language school, it offers evening activities. Like tonight is salsa, whole house is coming. Good. Tomorrow, most amusingly they are going to teach me to make cocktails- maybe will pass Billys´test after all.

We can only hope.

This is all from me for the moment, as have to finish Spanish homework before 5.

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