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 Sunday, 12 July 2009 at 21:37

Wake up. Still can´t speak Spanish.

Nevertherless, Sylvia the elder gives me and Jack scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast. He suggests we go to Santa Martha (wildlife sanctuary he is working at). I agree because I am supportive elder sister, not because I like either wildlife or nature. I do not.

So we get taxi to bus station, except we don´t. Taxi driver drops us off on what looks like edge of motorway. We hang around for some time, as there are very few other options open to us, and then find taxi that agreed to stop and take us to Tambillo for 15 dollars, according to Jack, who at this point I trust not at all, this is bargain.

Once there, my cash card gets barred and Jack´s doesn´t work. However, he does manage to find driver who inexplicably agrees to let Jack pay for journey up mountain the next day. Journey is slow as lots of cows keep trying to cross road.

However, arrive at Santa Martha and it is extremely impressive. There are 7 lions, monkeys, and an insane jaguar called Brenda amongst many others.

Bear enclosure made by my gifted and talented brother Jackson, is without a doubt the best bear enclosure I have ever seen, and I have been told, probably in the world.

We were going to phone for a taxi to take us back to Tambillo. The office is shut and it is now night. We also have no torch, but I am told that taxis go by all the time. They do not. We are followed by some stray dogs- they all have rabies, and I have Jack and a stick to protect myself. Even previously mentioned cows are nowhere to be seen. Very poor.

Ecuadorian family in pick up truck stops and gives us lift back.

Thank God.
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