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First and foremost, many apologies for my long absence. You know, when ur just so busy you literally have no time to think? No, me neither until this bloody thing. Don´t try it, it´s horrible.

Have just finished week 2 of 5 week course... there is simply no telling whether I will survive it or not, some days its touch and go. Also, am becoming slightly concerned about what I´m going to do afterwards. Thus far, my plan is that I´m going to move out of the Sylvias´ and Andreas´house... and that is as far as have got.

I have no job and no place to live. As if becoming a peasant isnt enough, im going to be a hobo as well. Fabulous.

In all seriousness though, Celta people are apparently going to help us find work. However, do not feel remotely employable atm. Kate says is good for me to work so hard, and still find it so difficult. Apparently, will teach me humility. In retrospect, she has always been very bad at sympathy.

Am having several tantrums a day, and something usually nearly makes me cry, or alternatively hysterical with laughter. At least twice a week, its the photocopier. This machine is one of the many banes of my existence and I have never before fully appreciated the joys of wireless connection. Obviously the song is correct; you do not know what you´ve got til it´s gone, however in this case is not friends and family but unlimited internet access.

Particularly as have got first 60 minute lesson on Tuesday. Also thousand word assignment due next week, and alterations of first assignment that was due in on Friday. This however, according to the Maestros of Celta, is our relaxing week. Huh.

On the upside, there is very little food. Every day, eat cheese sandwich and bowl of rice in evening. Good. Of course, this is not what you would call ideal healthwise, and when have a life again, am going to make a bit more effort to be normal. Is very hard though.

Very bad news in terms of suntan, we do not ever see the sun, so am in ecuador and pasty. This is in direct contrast to the plan of the great ecuadorian adventure. Hopefully, will be able to go to te beach for a wek after the course is finished. This is lovely plan, although utterly unbased in reality, as most unfairly am actually going to have to use this qualification to get job, instead of recapturing my youth, that i will have lost through course. If hair was not already going grey, certainly would have started by now.

Due to lack of social life as a general rule, Friday nights thus far have been somewhat messy, and long may it continue. Downside of this, is that shoes have made feet bleed. It is said that one must suffer to be beautiful. I have yet to see the saying that one must suffer and then continue to suffer, whilst wearing flip flops for the following week.

Also, my family seem to have gone away for the weekend. I say seem because i have no idea where any of them are, and have not seen them since Friday morning.

I do hope that this is not a hint.
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