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So, after leaving for airport at an ungodly 5.30 am, attempt to check in luggage to find that 1 of massive suitcases is too heavy. This necessitates manic repacking and scattering of belongings all over Gatwick. Get through to departure lounge to find that flight is actually boarding but still have time not to be able to find ´The Spook´s Sacrifice´(children´s book Jack requested) or a suitable hat for his amusingly ringleted head.

About an hour after take-off there is medical emergency on flight. So, we stop in Ireland for approaching 2 hours, which was decidedly not on journey planner. The rest of the eleven hour flight passes without incident and in Atlanta airport meet nice lady who gave me a cigarette and found most attractive Atlanta baseball cap for Jack.

Second flight was quite nice really, aeroplane food was surprisingly delicious and inflight movie was ´He´s Just Not That Into You´. Fab.

Arrive in Quito to find that one of suitcases is still in Atlanta.

However, met by driver called Xavier and Jackson at airport which was lovely. Also met family am staying with for first few weeks. Mum and daughter (both called Sylvia) the son, Andreas, and dog called Archie. They are all extremely nice, but it was round about this point realised that being able to speak no Spanish at all was something of an error (apart from to Archie who doesn´t seem to mind too much).

Slept a lot.
The End

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