This morning I was up dark and early a little before 4am.  (Thankfully, since I conked out before 7pm last night this means I got a solid 9 hours of sleep.)  En route to the Tsukiji Fish Market shortly after 5am, where I saw some of the biggest fish I’ve ever seen.  Enormous tunas that easily outweigh the combined weight of my family �" several hundred kilos a piece.  Shellfish, eels, big fish, little fish, all sorts of fish �" some still moving as they’re filleted alive.  Let’s just say I lost my appetite for fish for awhile.

From there I walked to the Hama-Rikyu Onshi-Teien,  a supposedly superbly landscaped garden that unfortunately didn’t open until 9am, and, seeing as it was still before 7am, there was no way I was hanging around to witness it myself.

Tokyo subway at 5am
  (Would have been nice to know the operating hours before walking all the way over there.  Yeesh.)  Hopped a train to Shinjuku, one of the world’s busiest train stations.  An estimated 3+ million people pass through Shinjuku every way.  Digest that for a moment.

Again, opening hours weren’t until 9:30 in most places, so I walked around and killed time.  Passed through the Hanazono-jinja, a Shinto beautiful sanctuary open day and night, grabbed a delicious and calorie-laden iced coffee loaded with cream and sugar, walked to the Shinjuku-gyoen, and wandered around Shinjuku until my feet ached.  Finally the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building opened at 9:30 (although this numnuts made it there after 10am, seeing as I rode the short bus today and kept taking wrong turns across massive highways and various train and subway tracks, the maze of raised pedestrian sidewalks is mind boggling when you’ve been up for far too long and are unable to read Japanese).

Tsukiji Hongan-ji Temple
  This building is very sleek and modern and offers a free observation deck from their 45th floor.

From Shinjuku I trained back to the ‘hood and had ramen for lunch.  Had every intention of napping today, but seeing as I’ve killed the past two hours uploading pics to the blog, it’s now shower time and then off to Shibuya for dinner.

And on that note -- anyone know a Flickr-esque site that allows me to quickly and easily upload hundreds of photos for sharing?  I learned today Flickr limits you to 100mb a month, which I surpassed yesterday alone.  And uploading one at a time (to my blog outside TB) is so time consuming it’s limiting (and about to be stopped altogether).  Thoughts?  Help!