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Yesterday I took it easy, didn't do much at all.  Went for a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood, checking out the nearby lake (which really should be called a pond) and the assorted tourist trap kitsch crammed all over the place.

For lunch I checked out a recommended noodle shop jam-packed with locals.  No menu, no ordering, just sit at one of the many bustling tables and soup eventually appears when they feel like getting around to you.  But it was well worth the wait -- delicious.

In the afternoon it was back to the hostel, where I attempted to focus and write, but really it was back to my current obsession: flight searching.  And we're not talking a simple A to B, we're talking a dozen internet tabs open to GMaps and WikiTravel and Kayak and small local carriers and calendars and emails shot off around the globe and never ending plotting, tweaking, calculating, scheming.
  OBSESSED.  Hey, a girl's gotta find the cheapest and most interesting (read: convoluted) route home, right?

In the evening I went for a walk with Winn, a girl from Ohio I met at the hostel, to track down some fresh spring rolls she passed earlier in the day.  The spring rolls were fresh and crisp and light, and if we hadn't decided to check out a recommended ice cream parlor I prolly would've had a second.  It was then onto Fanny's for frozen treats, which we'd heard no end of praise over.  I had coffee ice cream drizzled in coffee and whipped cream; Winn went the chocolate route.  The sundaes were good, not as icy as the ones in Hoi An, but nowhere near deserving the "ohmygod that ice cream is AMAZING!" chorus.  And I tell you what, this chica has GOT to lay off the ice cream.  Twice in one week?  And I wonder why nothing fits me.
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photo by: mario26